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Tama Police Blotter

May 2, 2016
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Thursday, April 14

Open door search E 5th Street

Civil issue at PD

Article Photos

Parking Complaint 600 block of Wilson

Stationary radar 1300 Block McClellan

Business Checks

Friday, April 15

Stationary 1200 Block Business 30

Public Assist on telephone

Assist public at PD

Out at county offices

Took report of stolen bike, placed warrant out for subject that stole it

Traffic stops: 13th and Harding; 9th and State; 600 Block of State; 5th and State

Suspicious person Sesame Dr. Apts.

Business Checks

Saturday, April 16

Attempt to locate female for Toledo pd 700 block State Street- unable to locate

Took report of illegal dumping 500 block Pershing Street, could not locate suspects

Out at high school for home show

Responded to Hotel Toledo for narcotics investigation, lead to 2 arrests and search warrants.Toledo Police also

Civil 400 block McClellan Street; 13th and Harding; 6th and Harmon;

Traffic stops: 3rd and State; 11th and State; 3th and State; 1300 block of Siegel; 13th St. and State; 13th and Harding; 9th St. and Harmon; 506 McClellan; 1000 block of State; 1000 block of State, arrest for driving while under suspension

Suspicious person 5th and Harmon

Disturbance 400 block of Hall Street

Second disturbance call 400 block Hall Street

Domestic assault

Sunday, April 17

Stationary radar 1700 Harding

Assist Toledo PD with traffic stop at Kwik Star

Civil issue 1000 block of Park

Disorderly Conduct 900 block of State

Monday, April 18

Stationary radar: 1800 block of Harding; 500 Block State Street; 1300 McClellan

Assist Toledo PD with reckless driver on HY 30

Out at county

Civil issue 1000 block of Park St.

Vehicle unlock 1300 block of Broadway in Toledo

Vehicle maintenance

Report at the PD

Criminal Mischief at South Tama High

Follow up on traffic stop

Assist Toledo Police Department, theft at Fairway

Public assist on telephone

Assist Meskwaki Nation Tribal Police attempt to locate missing juvenile

Tuesday, April 19

Assist Public 1300 Block Harding Street


Out at County with Juvenile Probation

Nuisance 600 block of Siegel

Nuisance 1300 block of Siegel

Barking dog 200 block of E 3rd

Assault at 9th and Siegel St, Juvenile Citation

Car unlock Jiffy North

Car unlock 400 block E 4th

Traffic accident 13th and Harding

Wednesday, April 20

Medical call Iowa Premium. Toleod Police, Tama co. Sheriff's Office,Tama Fire and EMS

Public assist at PD

Out at county offices

Vehicle unlock

Met with City attorney at office

Information on alleged sex abuse

Disturbance at 1715 Harding

Assist Toledo PD for domestic incident, Arrowhead Mobile Home Park

Follow up on nuisance abatement

Responded for gas leak 700 block State Street

Assist Toledo PD

Medical Call John St. Apts.

Assist Toledo PD

Public Assist at the PD

Thursday, April 21

Business checks

Met with City Attorney at office

Nuisance abatement follow up

Follow up death call at Iowa Premium

V ehicle inspections

Responded for a domestic with Toledo on Prospect Drive

Responded for motor vehicle accident South Broadway and Business 30

Assisted public over the phone

Out at jail

Traffic stops: 9th and State; 11th and State; 11th and State; 13th St. and McClellan

Business Checks

Friday, April 22

Traffic stops: 3th and State; 1600 Block of State - citation Issued; 1400 Block of Siegel St - citation Issued

Sesame Dr. Apts. Foot Patrol

Out at County Offices

Beal's Court patrol

Stationary Radar 13th and State; 500 Block State

Assisted OSHA over the phone with ongoing investigation

Met with city attorney

Responded to assist Toledo PD at Hotel Toledo, everything was fine

Out at county offices

Responded for dispute 1700 block Harding street, advised parties to knock it off


Assist Public on telephone

Responded to 600 Block Oswego, report of hit and run

Saturday, April 23

Responded to 100 Block East 3rd, assist public

Assisted public at office

Traffic stop: arrested driver for driving while suspended, transported to jail; 7th and State, citation for no drivers license

Assisted public at office

Vehicle inspection

Responded for reckless driving complaint 600 block Seymour, arrested female for reckless and careless driving and towed vehicle

Public disturbance 600 block Harding street. Toleod Police assisted

Stationaryradar: 500 Block State Street

Foot Patrol on business district

Bar Checks

Sunday, April 24

Responded to report of noise complaint, 1300 Sesame Drive

Stationary radar: 1300 Block McClellan

Out at communications center

Took parts out of the car to be sold

Took report of reckless driver 7th and Hall streets

Discovered drug items on ATV trail, took into custody

Responded to 700 block East Harrison, harassment

Out at 200 Block East 6th, follow up

Assist Toledo Police Department, 500 Block East 6th, Criminal Mischief

Out at 200 Block East 6th Follow up on harassment

Out at Arrowhead apartments, harassment follow up

Assist Tama Ambulance, 1700 Block Harding

Monday April 25

Responded to report of domestic disturbance, 1500 Block McClellan

Responded to 700 Block McClellan, noise disturbance

Assist Toledo PD, wanted subject, Arrowhead Trailer Park

Assist Toledo Fire, Kwik star, vehicle on fire

Out at county

Property damage accident 200 block of E 3rd

Hit and Run at Iowa Premium

Assist Toledo with domestic disturbance

Disturbance at the Eagles Club

Nuisance 1000 Siegel Street

Assist the Public

Traffic stops: 800 block of State; 1700 block of McClellan; 1200 block of State



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