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Fisher Newsletter for Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 11, 2016
By State Rep. Dean Fisher - R-Garwin , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

The House has been focusing on passing our bills on the floor and moving them over to the Senate. We've passed 74 bills in the two weeks since February 22. Over 60 of these bills received more than 90 votes in the House indicating the bipartisan nature of most of our legislation.

Federal Tax Coupling

Last week I talked about the Federal Tax Coupling bill, House File 2092, and its impact to Iowans as a result of the Senates delay in passing it. This bill protects 177,000 Iowans from a $96 million tax increase. This delay impacts farmers the most because they are normally required to file their taxes by March 1. Last weekend Governor Branstad extended the tax filing deadline for farmers to April 30 so that our farmers have some extra time while the senate decides whether or not they want to pull the rug out from what has been a unanimously bi-partisan issue. The Iowa legislature has passed a similar tax coupling bill ever since the Republicans gained the majority in the House. From 2011 through 2015 this bill passed without one single NO vote against it in either chamber. That is an astounding record of bi-partisanship. Unfortunately, this year it's become a partisan football. I welcome the tax filing delay imposed by Governor Branstad, as it gives those 177,000 Iowans a fighting chance for fair and consistent treatment.

Article Photos

RIGHT- Rep. Dean Fisher (R-Garwin) filed his nomination petitions to the Secretary of State’s office to seek re-election to District 72 in the Iowa House this fall on March 1, the first filing day. Rep. Fisher is pictured here filing his petitions with Secretary of State Paul Pate. -Photo provided

Other Bills of Note

The following bills passed the House this past two weeks and have gone to the Senate:

House File 2278 extends the statute of limitations on kidnapping and human trafficking crimes committed against persons under the age of eighteen to ten years after the victim turns eighteen, or for 3 years after the criminal is identified by DNA testing, whichever is later. This will give our prosecutors more opportunity to convict those that commit these heinous crimes.

House File 2401 makes it a crime to apply for a credit card in the name of a minor under the age of 18 without the consent of the parent, guardian, or legal custodian. The penalties escalate based on the dollar amount of products or services obtained using that card. Less than $1,000 is an aggravated misdemeanor, up to $10,000 is a Class D Felony, and over $10,000 is a Class C Felony.

House File 2262 would allow a landowner to allow others to fish on a private pond or lake on their property without a fishing license. This bill gives landowners greater freedom in allowing friends to use their private property and introduce newcomers to the sport of fishing.

House File 2385 increases the fines for illegal dumping and differentiates the fines by the amount of material dumped. Material less than ten pounds or fifteen cubic feet in volume are regarded as "litter", the fines remain the same, up to $1,000. Dumping material in excess of those amounts will now be regarded as illegal dumping and carry a criminal penalty of a serious misdemeanor with fines from $315 up to $1,875 and confinement up to one year. This bill gives law enforcement stiffer penalties against those that engage in illegal dumping.

I would love to have you come down to the Capitol any Monday through Thursday to visit, discuss your concerns with me, and take a tour of this beautiful building. It is one of Iowa's treasures.

As always, please feel free to contact me at or 641-750-3594.



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