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Party Planning-be the perfect host

December 6, 2015
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

We all want to be known as a great host. We take pride in our decorations, presentations and the overall experience we can create for our guests. But doing so is no easy task.

It takes careful planning and the ability to execute accordingly.

Maybe your idea of an elegant get-together is a cocktail party. Or maybe it's a simple sit-down dinner. Either way, you can pull it off without breaking the budget or sending yourself over the stress cliff.

The first step to a successful party is determining whether you want a formal dinner or something more casual. Once that decision has been made, you can determine the party details, such as who you're inviting, how you're inviting them and the date of the party.

Make it Easy on


Though your guests will surely be at the forefront of your attention, don't forget to spend some time thinking of yourself. Plan a buffet dinner for easy serving and cleanup. Doing so will help you get dishes to the table quickly and warm with guests serving themselves.

Also, make as much of the food and drinks ahead of time as possible. Some things will obviously have to wait, but the more you do before your party, the less stress you will feel the day of and the more attention you can pay your guests.


When it comes to decorations, it's OK to think small. The less table space decorations take up, the more room for dishes and drinks. Simple doesn't have to mean bare, however: You can add numerous smaller flower arrangements instead of one large, bulky centerpiece to your dining room table, for example.

The vessels you serve your food in can help give you the pretty presentation you're going for, too. Instead of opting for metal or glass baking dishes, transfer your food into colorful serving-ware to stylishly keep your food warm and accessible.



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