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Iowa Legislature- District 72 update

February 13, 2015
By State Rep. Dean Fisher - R-Garwin , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

On Thursday the legislature heard the Condition of the Guard speech delivered by Major General Timothy Orr. General Orr highlighted the Home Base Iowa initiative that was passed by the legislature last year. This program was designed to attract military veterans to Iowa to live. Over 1,000 have taken advantage of this program, bringing skilled talent to our state. General Orr also highlighted the many nationally recognized military awards that our troops have earned. Iowa has much to be proud of in our Iowa Army National Guard.

My Bills

Safe At Home Act - Domestic violence is a critical issue, it affects the lives of thousands of Iowan. Constituents have reached out to me on the issue; one young mother's story has spurred me to draft legislation called the Safe At Home Act. That young mother was dealing with a bitter custody battle with an abusive ex-husband. Her husband had been convicted of domestic violence, burglary, and drug possession and was then making threats against her over custody of their child. This mother feared for the safety of her and her child. Because of the court action she was unable to shield her physical home address from her abuser, leaving her in constant fear for her and her child day and night. Abusers like her ex-husband learn precisely how far they can walk up to the boundaries of the law with threats and intimidation without stepping over the line. But sometimes they do step over that line, way over, resulting in tragedy.

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As a result this young mother moved out of Iowa to a state where she would be protected by the Safe At Home Act. Over thirty other states have this program. We must implement it here in Iowa too so that moving out of state will never again be the choice an Iowan has to make in order to be safe.

The Safe at Home Act address confidentiality program provides those threatened with domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking an opportunity to stay safe by providing a substitute address at the Secretary of State's office to use when creating new public records. Their mail then routes to the Secretary of State's office and is then forwarded to the new address of the victim. Only the Secretary of State's office knows the new address. This address can be used with the courts, schools, and any other government or private entity. The participants will also have the ability to register to vote without their physical address being compromised in the voter registration rolls.

I have been working aggressively with the Secretary of State's office and other stakeholders on this legislation. I very much appreciate the tremendous support that Secretary of State Pate and his staff have given this legislation. I have also been working with my fellow legislators on both sides of the aisle and both chambers to gain support as well. Senator Danielson, chair of the Senate State Government committee, has given his support for this bill. He will file the bill in the Senate so we can move the bills simultaneously through the committee process. We will be filing these bills the week of February 9th. My goal with this bill is to give these people back their safety, to make sure they are Safe At Home here in Iowa.

As always, feel free to contact me at with your thoughts and concerns about our state government.



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