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What A week!!

The Way I See It

August 3, 2014
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Last weekend, about fifty Shedas, (some pictured above), got together for their annual reunion. Many states have been infected with "Sheda-itis," meaning only that Shedas live in that particular state. This year we had representatives from Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Florida, South Dakota, Oregon and of course Iowa. They're everywhere, they're everywhere!! We had a great time at brother Larry's last Friday night and then we headed for Chelsea on Saturday to help celebrate its' 150 birthday. It was a blast. Let me share some of the highlights, at least from my point of view.

Deb and I immediately after arriving ran into Ken & Debbie, old time members of the unofficial "Chelsea Gang." Then Marla popped in and we all started our trek through the town of Chelsea. After a trip to one of the porta-potties of course. Many of the old Chelsea gang were in town and we enjoyed visiting with Chuckie, Arlo & Nancy, Joe P., Jerry, Jason and others. Even ran into Steve & Karla, 1969 STC graduates. Really enjoyed visiting with all.

Was introduced to a gentleman who said he was the Mayor of Vining! I was honored that he would seek me out. Was he the mayor? I have no idea but we still enjoyed a great time.

Article Photos

The Shedas gather in Chelsea for the 150th celebration.

I could not believe all the cars that were on display for the annual car show. Must have been well over 200 beautiful cars showcased by their proud owners. I swore I saw my '56 baby blue Chevy. My very first kiss was in that car and as Forrest Gump would say, "that's all I'm gonna say about that." Loved looking at all the cars.

Kolaches! Don't know if Chelsea is the "kolache capital" of the world, but they sure were good. I had to bring a bunch back for my friends up in Independence to enjoy at true-blue, real, authentic, Boheme-made kolache. Nothing like it in the world.

We missed the Human Tractor Pull but heard it was great. I wanted to enter in it with my two brothers, Tone and Larry, but ya know, they're getting a little too old and feeble for manly stuff like this. I looked around the other fifty Shedas or so and none looked too wild and wooly to pull anything. So, maybe next time.

At the old school playground, they had a nickle-find in a bunch of sawdust. I found 7 nickles before Deb pulled me out, telling me in utter disgust that it was just for kids! She even made me give the nickles back!!

One of the highlights of my time in Chelsea! Are you ready for this? Drum beat please! I do not make this up. The picture posted here, (at least I think it is), was taken by Mr. John Speer, your esteemed Tama News-Herald Editor. After the picture was taken, I shook hands with this man. Yep--still haven't washed it yet. John is a good guy and lets me shoot off my mouth weekly here in the paper. Thanks John!!

We loved the Parade! Everyone loves a parade. Tractors galore and my cousin Chuck had one of his antique cars in it. Proud of you cousin Chuck. Can I have one of your cars?

As I begin to end, Friday night at my brothers, Larry put on a "prize-drawing." Everyone was so excited. Over fifty prizes, gifts and other great items were given away. Shedas love anything that's free and Lar got to clean out his garage at the same time. At your next reunion, it's really not a bad idea!!!

We missed the hog roast and dance. I was just getting my second wind but Deb was all worn out so we headed back home a little earlier than we expected. I'm sure it all continued to be great!

Finally how does one say "THANK YOU" and say it with such joy, gratitude, appreciation and heart-felt meaning and sincerity that it is truly conveyed properly to all those who worked so hard to pull this celebration off. Simply put, one cannot say it strongly enough. All those who helped out in any way, shape or form, THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You guys brought back some great memories for a 62 year old guy who remembers fondly growing up in Chelsea. And if you don't tell anyone, a few tears were also shed!

Blessings to all. That's the way I see it. Let me know what you think at or call me at 319.327.4640. Go Chelsea Redhawks!!



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