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Says Mayor, Chronicle were correct in reporting

July 29, 2014
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the editor,

In response to Brian R. Gumm's letter to the editor printed in the July 9th edition of the Toledo Chronicle, Mayor Svoboda's statement of low life's regarding the thieves who stole his trees right out of the ground was right on the money. The Chronicle's printing it as written was right on the money.

The community's attitude in general toward such behavior is also right on the money.

Mr. Gumm disagrees with all these without the deserved name calling or adjectives added. Then goes as far to say it makes the Chronicle look like a bully pulpit. I believe the minister is the only one on some sort of pulpit. He downplays the person whose property was stolen. He downplays the Chronicle for printing it the way it was intended then somehow admonishes the community for this.

How did the community have anything to do with any of this? He knows how we should all feel about this activity; to say so in a kind and forgiving way is ridiculous. Mr. Gumm, being a minister, would not apt to be so kind with his words if the same thieves came to his church and ran off with his collection basket. Maybe then referring to them as misguided angels would cause them to bring the basket back.

Talk about counterproductive; one person is not allowed to vent their anger with deserved name-calling and another is allowed without it. I suggest the word hypocrite be looked up in the dictionary and see where it applies. Maybe the Chronicle should censor and only print what comes in the way they want it to be taken as they see it.

I commend the Chronicle for printing both articles as intended with no sugar coating. That's journalism, if it wasn't neither article would have been printed. As for Mayor Svoboda, shame on you for being so considerate with your words, my adjectives would have been a lot worse. Just my opinion though.

Mike Niewahner

Toledo Resident



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