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Supports Joni Ernest - didsagrees with D.A.

July 18, 2014
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

To the Editor:

I have read the last two letters regarding Joni Ernest, the Iowa Republican candidate for U. S. Senate and I have an opinion also. I believe Mr. Benda needs to contribute something useful and not throw stones at others willing to make a change.

Ms. Joni Ernest may have complained in a manner that displeased him. When I had the opportunity, I simply wrote her that Senator Grassley is mature enough to defend him against any comments from her opponent. I also suggested a large sum of money is not needed to win the election. I reminded her that Rep. Eric Kantor was defeated by a low cost campaign by staying on the issues.

In my letter, I suggested she remind the voters: how many times her opponent has voted to raise the debt limit and how many times her opponent against raising the debt limit; how many times he voted with Rep. Nancy Pelosi on legislation in the House of Representatives and how many times her opponent voted in opposition to Rep. Nancy Pelosi. I don't know the answers, but someone does and if her opponent knows that information, her opponent will not readily release that information.

I read where her opponent will fight to protect Social Security and does not support the use of vouchers as does Ms. Joni Ernest. I have two adult children and they know not to believe that Social Security will exist when they retire and if it does, it must not be their main source of retirement income. Her opponent apparently will say anything to garner votes for November.

Anyone with a sense of what is happening with social security should get their children motived to make wise, long investments rather than expecting social security retirement payment to flow continually into the distant future. It is not going to happen. This is where Mr. Benda should address some of his criticism toward a candidate with many years of experience in Congress and to say something of garner votes. Ms. Joni Ernest's opponent will be about as successfully with that effort as his efforts to reduce the size and cost of government.

Novie White

Sidney, Iowa



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