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Bruce Braley and Jodi Ernst are not what Iowa needs

June 27, 2014
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

I was looking at the two candidates for US Senate Jodi Ernst and the Tom Harkin's clone, and was dis-satisfied with the choice. First Jodi Ernst. She likes to pistol pack on the States Capitol, in latent disregard for the Capitols rules then she only shows up to vote on the bills before the House whenever she can get time. This shows a blatant dis-respect for the State's rule of law. This idea about eliminating the Department of Education sucks.

From personal experience, the only thing stopping The University of Iowa Administration from running rough shod over the civil liberties of whom ever they please, is the fear that the Department of Education will step in and hang their butt for discrimination. God bless the The Department of Education!

Now let's next consider Tom Harkin's clone, Bruce Braley. He's in in lock step with the Obama Administration with just about everything. Gay Rights, Abortion defender and worst of all, farmer hater.

If I were running as a independent, first thing I would look at is the out of control Welfare State. Look, poor people are getting on the public dole because they've lost pride in being Americans. It has nothing to do with them being poor, unable to work etc... Obama illegally implemented health care, that alone undercuts any incentive to work. What work is available anyway? Minimum wage jobs where machines are going to replace over soon.

My idea is to give each poor family a wagon a horse and the implements to start a new life. Then teach them to be self reliant then line them up at one of the unnecessary National Parks, as what they did in Oklahoma, drop a flag and let them rip. One condition though, if they get on any type of welfare for one year then they lose their homestead.

When you hear that the people on disability in America are now equal to the population in Greece, its not a matter of disability but the politicians who are too stupid to come up with innovative ideas. Both party's fall over themselves to get the contribution's from the fat cats and corporations. That a corporation is considered an individual and can contribute as much as they likes makes about as much sense that the Obama healthcare is a tax.

If we gave the poor people a homestead and instead institutionalized every politician now in office, including the judges who voted in Obamacare that would be a good start.

Bruce Braley and Jodi Ernst are not what Iowa needs.

John Anderson




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