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Tama County has Elberon road responsibilities

April 30, 2014
By Joyce Wiese - Chronicle Correspondent , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Tama County Engineer Lyle Brehm reported to the Board of Supervisors on farm to market extensions in towns with a population of less than 500 people during their regular meeting on Monday, April 21.

According to legislation passed in 2003 farm to market extensions in towns with a population of 500 or less are the jurisdiction of their respective county.

Highway E44 going through the town of Elberon is an example and Brehm said Tama County is obligated to spend the money to take care of the road.

There are two bridges on the road that fall within the city limits, both with load limits. The location of these two bridges within the city limits allows them to access a pool of money to assist in replacing them.

The City of Elberon was able to secure the money to pay for 80 percent of the replacement of the two bridges.

Brehm said the county needs now to enter into an agreement to make it clear the county will be paying for the expense of the two bridges and the county will expect to receive the 80 percent reimbursement for the expense.

DOT?Wants Office?Space

A representative from the Iowa DOT was present to discuss the possibility of renting the empty space in the basement of the Tama County Health and Home Care building. Supervisors were told the DOT was looking for office space.

This is the area which the Veterans's Affairs and County Relief offices foremrly occupied.

Supervisors were interested in renting this space and gave requirements for the DOT which would need to be addressed if the rental should go through.

Tax Abatement Sought

Steve Kenkel, a Toledo attorney, was present to discuss a tax abatement. Two documents for taxes due on a parcel for Jose Garcia show a tax statement summary with a $1,360 total tax due for the tax years 2009 through 2014. The certificate of redemption sheet with $709 due is for a Tama County tax sale certificate which is for tax year 2007 and 2nd half taxes of 2008. The grand total for this parcel is $2,069.

Kenkel told supervisors the trailer on this property had been boarded up and was unlivable. This is located in the Dayline Trailer Court in Tama.

County treasruer Michelle Yuska will start work on the process of abatement.

The Tama County Auditors quarterly report, ending March 31, 2014, shows $771in collections on maps, platbooks (GIS shapefiles) and miscellaneous items. The board approved the report.

Norm Gossard, Garwin and the mayor of Garwin were in to discuss a problem with a house abandonment in Garwin. Gossard said he had great concerns for the welfare if children who play in the park near this house .

Gossard said the house has been empty for many years and is falling apart as well as having areas of the building in a dangerous condition that could cause harm to anyone going in or around the property.

Treasurer Yuska was also requested to look into the situation and see what could be done by the county. Yuska will contact Gossard with more information and set up a time for Gossard to come before the Supervisors again.

Tax suspensions were approved for Llana Bennett and Penny Mathes.

Claims for the past week totaled $166,101.



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