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How well do you know “The Good Old Days?”

The Way I See It

April 27, 2014
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Growing up in the 50's and 60's was a great era, wasn't it? Rainy days playing Monopoly, trading baseball cards or just playin' in the rain was always fun. Remember playing "jacks?" How about drawing something on your "Etch-a-Sketch?" Trying to figure out "The Twist" wasn't easy and the girls all in love with the Beatles and the guys wondering what they had that we didn't!! What about those "hula hoops?" And the game, "Red Rover, Red Over?" Mowing the lawn with one of those old push mowers was a huge pain. But playing cops and robbers with toy pistols that had caps was a lot of fun. Remember those caps? Putting a whole roll of them in your pistol. Wow. The good ol' days.

But just how much do you remember about the "good old days? Here's a test for ya. The answers are elsewhere in the paper, but you shouldn't need them.....if you REALLY grew up in the sixties!!

1. Your first one's an easy one. What year did the Ford Mustang make its' debut?

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John Sheda

2. Do you remember Gene Roddenberry? What science fiction TV show did he create?

3. Ever hear of Max Yasgur? He owned a 600 acre farm and in 1969 something spectacular took place there. What was that?

4. Who originally played Chester Goode on the old Gunsmoke show?

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ANSWERS - Monday, April 28

5. Who ran against John F. Kennedy for President in 1960?

6. This TV show always began each show with this...."this tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Good luck, Jim."

7. Do you remember the name of the guy who always caught someone squeezing the Charmin?

8. Who was the first American to walk in space on May 5, 1961? Bonus points: Who was the first human to walk in space on April 12, 1961?

9. Can you name all the Presidents since Eisenhower till today? Come on, you've been there. How about naming them in order?

10. And finally.......these four cigarette commercials sold what cigarette?

* I'd walk a mile for a ______________.

* I'd rather fight than switch.

* You've come a long way baby.

* Tastes good like a cigarette should.

Well, how do you think you did? No way you got them all right...without looking! Heck, even I, your humble correspondent had a hard time with a couple of them. Anyway, That's The Way I See it. Let me know how you did at or call me anytime at 319-327-4640.

Answers are elsewhere (PAGE?7) but you didn't need them now did you??



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