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Calls for reopening Iowa Juvenile Home

February 19, 2014
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Let us as a community accept whatever new challenges lie ahead. Look not upon the past as a failure but a process towards a new beginning.

Let us renew our faith in each other and to continue teaching that our faith renews all the good in each and every one of us.

Wednesday, Feb. 5, the district court judge in Polk County, Judge Rosenburg, made a huge decision on the "home."

It is with great reasoning the choice was made to reopen the "home." The community pulled together and the court decision made one proud that truly "Home is where the heart is."

As for the statement from a Coralville attorney about the long term abuse of young people at the home you should not accuse the facility and its employees how they do their jobs. Government shoud be responding to what their needs are. The Government should not hurt those that are in need.

As Toledo Mayor Svoboda said, "They would have to start from scratch." This is a chance to work with a plausible goal. Reopening he home knowing that the faith lost by our community can only go for the better good of those displaced, and restore the faith and character of all involved.

Appropriate the money from June, 2014 governor to faithfully execute operating a "home" for these young women.

Again, one should't blame the teachers The so called "abuse" was created by a flawed state regulatory agency.

If they, "Government" saw faults they should have seen the issues and discussed ways to improve on the problems. You look a problem square in the eye and see what needs changing. You do not abruptly close a facility to solve the issue.

As in the case of Rome burning while Nero fiddled. This is essentially what the governor has done. Fiddled around with the "home" and let it basically self-destruct and let it go down. You cannot use peoples jobs and the way they do them to use the ends to justify the means.

Jim Snyder




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