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Opposes South Tama PPEL

January 31, 2014
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

I would like to make one last summary and encourage all citizens especially business owners, property owners and senior citizens to get to the polls and vote NO on the tax increase for the next ten years.

First off I must commend teachers. Some of the greatest people I know are teachers. Not only the teachers that are now retired, but some of the greatest people in our current generation have given themselves to teaching. Teachers are truly special people. The PPEL is not about academics. It's about management at the highest level. Don't think for one second that voting NO on a PPEL is somehow adversely affecting teachers. This is not about teachers, this is about management. The PPEL is a levy toward the physical extras, not the academics. This is all a matter of financial responsibility and wise stewardship of the taxpayers money.

There are three big reasons to vote NO this Tuesday. The first is good enough in and of itself- If you have any shred of respect for our American way, then you should vote no. We voted on this EXACT initiative last September. It was defeated. It is wrong to manipulate the democratic process by putting this up for another vote immediately. You may say it only failed by one vote, but had it won by one vote we would not be re-voting, and we would be stuck with increased taxes for 10 years. It seems only fair that since it failed we should be free from tax increases and votes on tax increases for 10 years. This is not a best out of three election. This is not a communist country where the powers that be get to keep calling votes until the results are what they want. So the first reason, and only reason you really might need to vote NO, is that we the people have already spoke and ought to be listened to.

The second reason for a NO vote (if you still need a reason) is that it seems no one really cares if it is passed or not. Unless something is published this week, I have not seen one person come out in favor of this tax increase. No one has submitted to the people what they need it for. No one has cared enough to tell us what the last 10 years of the increased taxes went towards,- where has all the money from the previous PPEL gone? If someone thinks it is such a great idea to raise taxes they ought to attach their name to it. There is absolutely no transparency or accountability. No one has given us a shred of a reason to vote to increase taxes, or showed us what they did with the last one. One might say, "We need to update the high school portables", to which I can't help but ask, "Why haven't they been updated the last 10 years?" Why should we expect it to get done this time around, that's the same thing they told us last time they wanted a tax increase. Why should we vote to raise taxes when no one even cares to explain or ask us to raise them, other than perpetually making us vote? Their apathy seems like a good enough reason to vote no, I'll vote NO next time too, and a hundred times more if they want to keep calling elections. I just hope decent hard working citizens will get mad enough to send a message next Tuesday that we are tired of being taxed. I truly hope taxpayers put it on their calendar and don't let Tuesday slip by them.

Lastly, and it ties in with the previous point. Enough is enough. Enrollment is down, expenditures keep going higher. They don't need more than they already get. I am tired of being taxed and gouged everywhere I turn. All of us are making do with what we have, even cutting back. People are going to have a hard enough time paying their heating bills this winter, let alone giving more to government to spend where they want. We keep working tax rates up and up and up, I think the tax rates ought to suffer a recession like the rest of the economy and normal people are suffering. I think government, including school boards, ought to start spending my tax money as wisely as I have to spend my own money.

If you are like me, you look at the bottom of the letter first to see who wrote it, so I'm going to sign my name in all capital letters just so everyone has an easy time knowing who this is that is so fed up with getting jerked around, and getting minimal return on incredibly high tax rates.

Adam Todd

Rural Tama



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