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Iowa Juvenile Home - “Home is where the heart is”

January 30, 2014
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

"Home is where the heart is."

It is more than just words.

It tells a story.

93 hearts were broken when their lives were uprooted at the closure of the "Home."

It also broke many other peoples hearts to seen the ringing of he bell at the home.

It was like crying out that famous line "For who the bell tolls, he knows not it tolls for him, there was no one left to speak out for me" - Hemingway.

This meaning, no one cared for us and the job we had done all those years; teaching, healing, helping these young people.

Those so called "experts" do not know how much a teacher can change a "life," or how much a teacher does to help a young mind grow.

This closing will undoubtedly leave a scar on their lives as well as the "community" in which they lived.

Government is not right in hurting, not helping these young people and all those through the years who have helped them grow through their hard times in life.

We can't help what our society places at our feet, but we sure can try through our faith in ourselves to give it the "old college try."

Psychologists can't always come to grips with what a person goes through by using extreme methods to change a souls bad deeds. Only by love and good faith can we teach by examples.

Outside forces "biased news sources," don't always tell a true story, only "sensationalism." A way to sell papers only by seeing things YOUR WAY have you taken away peoples pride in what they do every day. You thought the confinement rooms were os cruel. They were there "the rooms" only to protect themselves from hurting themselves, not others.

This is what modern "educated" psychologists with their fancy degree think to themselves should work.

The higher up "Government" leaders are to blame, as they know what they see is right.

This community has been affected emotionally and the workers at the home have been drained of their well being and sense of pride. Knowing that what they did, they did it for love of people and community.

Jim Snyder




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