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Mid-Iowa Cooperative receives $415,535 rebate from Alliant Energy for energy efficiency projects

January 30, 2014
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

MARSHALLTOWN Alliant Energy's Iowa utility supported efforts by Mid-Iowa Cooperative to install energy efficient equipment at seven of the cooperative's elevator facilities. Mid-Iowa Cooperative's facilities in Beaman, Conrad, Garwin (Midway), Gladbrook, Green Mountain, Haverhill and Liscomb were involved in the energy efficiency projects.

20 Projects


Mid-Iowa Cooperative completed more than 20 energy efficiency projects, which included installation of new energy efficient grain dryers, motors and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) drives. The new grain dryers are expected to use less energy and result in cost savings. VFD's controls the power supplied to the motor. Motors can account for up to 97 percent of a motor's lifetime cost. The installation of VFD's and energy efficient motors can reduce the unit's operating costs and improve overall efficiency

"Our partnership on these projects with Alliant Energy is expected to achieve significant energy and cost savings for our facilities," said Mark Kistenmacher, Mid-Iowa Cooperative general manager. "We were able to take full advantage of the programs offered by Alliant Energy to upgrade our facilities and enhance our ability to serve our customers. The projects will reduce both our natural gas and electric usage while increasing the efficiency of our facilities."

Big Savings


Mid-Iowa Cooperative expects the projects to result in annual energy savings of approximately 1,083,000 kilowatt-hours and 142,000 natural gas therms per year. The energy savings will result in avoiding more than 1,518 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. This is also equivalent to removing approximately 316 passenger vehicles from Iowa roadways or preserving about 12 acres of forests in the United States.

In addition to the anticipated energy savings, the Cooperative received a $415,535 rebate check for the projects.

"Mid-Iowa Cooperative recognizes how energy efficiency and agriculture can work together to conserve energy and reduce operating costs," said David Vollmar, Alliant Energy key account manager. "We are proud to partner with Mid- Iowa Cooperative on these projects. We will continue to look for ways to further increase the energy efficiency of their facilities."

Alliant Energy offers the Iowa Agriculture Custom Rebate program for agri-businesses and farms to implement new or innovative ways to reduce energy demand. The company also offers a number of Prescriptive Rebate programs for farmers and agri-businesses looking to increase the energy efficiency of their facilities. These programs are available to Alliant Energy retail electric and gas customers located in its Iowa and Minnesota service area. For more information, visit or call 1-866-ALLIANT (866-255-4268).



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