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Appreciate what else goes on at the games

January 20, 2014
By sydney Upah - Chronicle Sports , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

In a small town like this one, there's not much to do on a Friday night during the winter besides visit a basketball game or two. Most of you have attended a game, maybe grabbed a bag of popcorn before sitting down to watch the home team crush their rivals. However, a lot of behind the scenes work goes into presenting a smoothly-run event for parents and spectators to enjoy.

Just think of how much effort was behind preparing that 75 cent bag of popcorn for you to easily grab before the game. Concessions workers arrive as early as two hours before the game even begins to set up equipment, restock the pop machines, arrange candy, cook the hot dogs, pop the popcorn, and order pizza. Not only do they have to miss watching the game - sometimes their own kids playing - to sell food, but they also have to stay after the game has ended to clean up the equipment and the concessions area.

Concessions workers aren't the only people cleaning during the basketball games either. Custodians - those people you see running a mop up and down the court between quarters - also have to stay later to clean up the empty Gatorade bottles that you accidentally forgot to throw away after the game. The custodians stay at the gym to empty all the trash cans, close up the bleachers, and clean the floors long after you've made it home into your warm bed.

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Sydney Upah

Remember that catchy music that you enjoyed while the players were warming up before the game? Someone had to download the music for that CD and put it all together to pump up the players and fans for an exciting game.

To ensure a smooth event, not to mention to produce a winner of every game, several volunteers run the scoreboard and take official stats for both teams. Three or four people sit at a small desk during the game and keep track of points, rebounds, and fouls, as well as run the clock to make sure the buzzer goes off when it's supposed to. Other volunteers sit at the entrance to sell tickets for the game.

Officials are also hired to keep order on the court.

Perhaps the most crucial component to an exciting sporting event is the visiting team - the coaches and players who show up on a bus from several towns away on the day and at the time they are supposed to. This phenomenon doesn't just magically happen - scheduling multiple sporting events every week, not to mention dozens of events throughout the year, is the job of the Activity Director and his assistant. Every sports season is scheduled months in advance and requires extensive communication with other schools.

There are many other behind-the-scenes jobs that occur while spectators are watching the game, and not only with basketball. Each sport has its own unique tasks that have to happen in order for fans to enjoy a fully-functioning game.



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