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South Tama School Board reviews Indian Impact Aid; applies for added state funds

December 27, 2013
By Joyce Wiese - News Correspondent , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Monday evening the South Tama School Board met at the Meskwaki Tribal Center for their regular meeting. The board meets once a year at the Tribal Center. At this time South Tama reviews an update on the impact aid Indian policies and procedures.

Impact Aid funds are based on the number of students served by the South Tama School District whose parents live and/or work on federal lands. Since Federal Land or Indian Reservation Land is a nontaxable entity and cannot generate funds for a local education agency, Impact Aid dollars are given in lieu of these local taxes to help support the impacted local education agency.

In order to ensure compliance with the Board policy and procedures on public participation and other issues related to Impact Aid, the Board designates a person as compliance officer and liaison person to the Indian community. This person reviews the continuing efforts of the district and ensures that adequate actions are being taken to fulfill the intent of these policies and procedures. They will also review any questions or complaints submitted by parents or tribal representatives regarding actions related to these policies and procedures and will ensure that any concerns are resolved or answered.

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South Tama School Board: (l-r, seated) Mark McFate, president, Michele Yuska, vice president; l-r, standing) Alan Cline, Anne Michael and Jackie Dvorak.
Chronicle/John Speer

Student Enrollment Aid

Based on the state reports regarding student enrollment the district can apply to the School Budget Review Committee for up to $27,635 for Modified Allowable Growth for Increasing Enrollment.

The District could also apply to the School Budget Review Committee for up to $117,020 Modified Allowable Growth for Open Enrollment Out students who were not included in the fall 2012 enrollment. Also based on the student enrollment to the State, the school can apply for up to $49,935 modified allowable growth for Limited English Proficient Instruction beyond four years.

The Board voted to make these applications.

Also a Modified Allowable Growth Request for Dropout/dropout prevention for $234,127 was approved. This will be for the fiscal year 2014 budget.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has mandatory fees for all individuals with health insurance in the school personnel. Starting in January, 2014, there will be a $14.25 fee per person on a health insurance policy. This means if a person has an individual plan they will have a monthly fee of $14.25. If there is more than one person on their plan, there will be a monthly fee of $14.25 per person on the insurance plan.

The dollar amount of $14.25 is a combination of two Affordable Care Act fees. First, the Health Insurer Fee is an annual fee imposed on the insurance to help fund reforms made pursuant to the Affordable Care Act. Second, the Reinsurance Fee is a fee imposed under the Affordable Care Act to stabilize premiums from 2014-2016.

This is not something unique to the South Tama County district as it is part of the Affordable Care act and is required if a person is insured. Starting in July this fee will be built into the cost of the actual plan and will not be an additional cost. There are two possible options for the District. The District can assess the fee to the owner of each plan or pay the fees as a district expense through the end of June. There would be 103 members times $14.25 a month for a total of $1467.75 per month . For six months this would be $8806.50.

South Tama is in the third year of a five year contract with Premier for print management. A new five-year contract has been negotiated in order to update machines and reduce the cost of the printing. The existing contract is for $6,868 per month and was subject to a monthly increase of $199 in July of 2014. The new monthly contract is for $6,681.

This is a current savings of $187 per month on the existing contract and a savings of $386 per month after July 2014. Premier has agreed to hold the monthly fee without an increase for five years. Under this plan the district will receive 10 new copiers and continue to access to IT support.

The five-year program includes 345,000 monthly monochrome images and 1,300 monthly color images. An overage on monochrome copies would be billed at .016 per page and a color overage billed at 0.085 per page. This billing would be quarterly.

The existing 40 laser jet printers located throughout the buildings will remain the same. They are located in the Partnership Center, Elementary staff lounge, Elementary back room, Middle school main office, Administration upstairs and downstairs, high school lounge and library, and Print shops one and t wo.


A Contract was approved for Dixie Forcht as Spring Play Director for the Spring of 2014 for a salary of $2,304 and Rachel Kudobe was approved as Spring Play Director effective immediately.

Volunteer coaches approved were Aaron Yuska for boys basketball and Dave Chizek for soccer.



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