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Compares South Tama School spending

December 16, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Dear Mr Editor,

As a short follow-up to some of the data I submitted earlier, I wanted to break it down a little bit more. I am using the same data from the same sources I previously cited. I just divided the schools expenditures by their enrollment numbers. As you can see, we went from spending $7,702.59 per enrolled child in 2004, to almost $13,000.00 per child last year!!!

WHY????? But even more importantly--How on earth can you ask for more??? That's only 8 years, it's not like I am comparing it to the early 90's or something, and 13,000 dollars is still alot of money. Well it's a lot to me anyways.

2004- $7,702.59 per student for one year

2005- $8,899.33/student

2006- $14,403.56


2008- $10,476.06

2009- $11,135.12

2010- $11,290.37

2011- $11,719.08

2012- $12,987.84

In 2004, It cost 42 dollars per day per child to operate the school. Now it is costing 72 dollars per day per child. That's every single day. Someone working 8 hours a day at $10.00/ hour won't even take home 72 dollars after taxes are taken out. Something is out of whack somewhere.

And just to be clear, I'm not complaining about how things have been, I haven't started complaining until they come and ask us for MORE, after we already told them no in September.

Adam Todd




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