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Hello from Tanzania

December 8, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Can you believe the magic of the Internet? Here I am some eight to ten thousand miles away from you, (ha, you can't get rid of me), and with a push of the "Send" button, I am right in the Living Room with you. Well, kinda anyway.

I left on Sunday, Nov. 25 and about 34 hours later, I arrived at Mt. Kilamajaro airport. It was Monday night around 10 pm. A long flight to say the least.

Upon arrival it was a bit chilly with a crispy temperature of 74 degrees. I was picked up by a good friend by the name of Gabriel, who drove us to the city of Arusha. Immediately I was re-introduced to night-time driving in Tanzania. Let me tell you now that there is NO need for scary amusement park rides in this country. Riding at night is worse than any roller coaster in the world!! First of all, one must know the rules of Tanzania driving on the highways--THERE ARE NO RULES! It's every man for himself.

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Driving is done on the left side, right side, down the middle, weaving in and out and anything else one can possibly imagine. The goal of driving and riding over here is very simple-getting from point A to point B. As soon as possible!! Remember there are no rules.

And not surprisingly, we rode in a vehicle that seemed to be on its' last legs. Now, mind you, riding at night is quite frightening, but as long as the lights are working--OOPS, OUR LIGHTS JUST WENT OUT! COMPLETELY! AT 50 m.p.h. Yep, we just increased the fear lever about 150 percent or more. The only good thing is that we won't be able to see who or what hits us. Oh no! Wait, others won't be able to see us but we most definitely will see them hit us! Gulp!

Well, we coasted to a stop and Gabriel, our driver, started wiggling some wires and after about 15 minutes we were back on the road again with lights working. Not working great but sort of like having the dims on but very dim dims!! Gabriel told me he could see. I trusted him. What else to do? I prayed a lot!

So this is my column to you. My beginning time in Tanzania. The next day we flew a couple of hours to a city called Mwanza, which is located on the southern edge of Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. It is beautiful.

Before I close, I will share one extravagance I have here, but please don't tell Deb. I have my own room in a hotel and for the first time is 39 years, I am leaving the toilet seat DOWN. All the time! Yessssssssssss!

That's The Way I See It.

Let me know how things are back in America. "Karibu." I heard some of you got snow!! No snow here! 85 degrees today.

Be blest today.



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