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Questions South Tama re-vote on levy

December 3, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

was angered a bit this morning as I popped open the online News Herald and the most recent article was the recap of the school board's meeting where they have decided to slap us in the face by having another vote on the PPEL.

The fact of the matter is that the PPEL lost. It might have been one vote but it lost. I'm sure they're nice folks, but shame on members Mark McFate, Michelle Yuska, Jackie Dvorak and Alan Kline for abusing their power. The people spoke, but the school board didn't like what was said so they are attempting to wear the people down and get their way. Whatever happens in February with the vote is a farce and is not an adequate reflection of the will of the voters of this school district.

I will abide by the original, fair election that we all had ample opportunity to vote in when we were voting for everything else. I will not pay any extra taxes on my property taxes. I don't care what the second vote says. I work hard for my money. I farm, and it requires me to have physical assets in order to do it. Those physical assets can be assessed at a high value and taxed at a high rate. It doesn't matter if I have most of the money borrowed on those assets and the bank owns them, I still get taxed at a high rate on them. I know it is easy for folks to look at someone who operates a farm or business and think they have plenty of assets, so they have plenty of money, so we should just tax them more to get what we want, but that is wrong. It is immoral, and I won't be treated that way. We had a proper election and to just call elections until you get your way is somewhat tyrannical. It is similar to just doing what you want anyways. It is a sneaky abuse of power. It is certainly not how things are supposed to be done in America. You can't just keep voting on something til you get your way. If it passes in February, do I get to call an election in May to recall the PPEL?

I am thirty years old. I have four kids and a wife to feed, clothe, educate, protect and shelter. I borrow money from the bank to farm with. I struggle and I work hard. It would be nice for me to impose a levy on someone else to get what I want when I want it, but I either work harder or spend less. I've got no more to give. You're going to have to go and vote to legally rob someone else. When you try to stick your bills to business owners and farmers, you're hitting more than just old rich farmers, you're hitting young families too. Not that it is right to make old rich business owners pay for your wants and whims but let's face it, that is what property tax does. It tries to target those with property, assuming if they own property they are rich enough to give some extra. Property tax is an antiquated income tax that ought to be done away with. It was established back when everyone was a farmer and tied to the land, but there was no way to estimate a person's income. The more kids you had the more land you had and the more tax burden you had. Things have changed in the last 150 years. We don't have to estimate income by property owned. In fact most people's income is no longer tied to property owned. Maybe it's time we rethink the way we tax people. I can guarantee you that people's reaction would be different if you were calling for the installment of a tuition. If you tried to mandate a tuition, it would go over like a pregnant pole vaulter, but when you try to shift the burden to property tax then it will eventually pass. When it does, I don't care, I will abide by the original vote.

The school is going to have to do like the rest of us and spend wiser and cut back in the bad economy. I understand the school system is necessary but at the same time it is a welfare, entitlement program. It is a free education system given to those who need it at the expense of someone else, no different than food stamps. Everyone's kids are getting educated on someone else's dime. Some of us pay a lot more than others, but it is a welfare program nonetheless. In Tama county it is farmers who bear the majority of that burden. I know you might hate to think school is the same as food stamps but until each parent is paying their child's tuition, it will continue to be a welfare program. Which is fine, but you need to learn to say enough and quit getting greedier and imposing more taxes. It's getting awful easy for people in power to vote for common people to fund what the people in power feel like doing.

Adam Todd




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