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Defund Obamacare

November 25, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Thomas Jefferson said that as long as we had an informed electorate, The United States had nothing to worry about. Conversely, Adolf Hitler said "Playing off the fear of the Petit Bourgeoisie towards sliding to the Proletariat class, is the key to a winning strategy". Ask yourself, "What method has been used to pass Obama Care?" We're so focused on whether the website is working or not and not on whether this portends a direct challenge to the American way of life.

First of all it is it really a tax? According to a Florida Judge, "How can a tax can be assesed on a non-activity, as say, in declining to get health care coverage?". Where does the Federal Government's Power begin and end? It's leading to, such things as, "If you don't eat broccoli you're going to be assessed a fine when getting health insurance". The Governor of New York tried to outlaw the Big Gulp and its equivelent soft drinks. Thankfully it was decided the state does not have this mandate. Why should the Federal Government be any different? Getting back to the tax, constitutionally, those powers not given to the Federal Government are given to the States. Even with the Commerce Clause getting into the act, the Interstate Commerce and Indian Tribes jurisdiction is no precedent for tax on a non-action. This is something new and and sinister for a free society

The Tea Party was castigated as the black sheep because of their reluctance to go along with funding Obama Care. Well, the Obama administration decided to not fund the Border Bill that passed. Why should they feel it necessary to vilify the Tea Party, if they choose the same action, and not fund Obama Care?

Additionally, how does the Obama Administration get to use a line item veto, or its equivalent, by delaying it a year? The president can veto, but all bills originate in the House. This is a signature abuse of power.

The House of Representatives tried to defund the bill, but chickened out, for now. Next year, let's hope we have legislators who are not going to stand for this Executive grab for power. But what if they don't choose to do this? Do we really want to stop the Federal Budget from getting passed for the first time in history?

According to the book Freedom, Power and Democratic Planning by the philosopherKarl Mannheim, there are only three ways to stop tyranny in a Democracy. One is to amass an arsenal to defy the Tax Revenue man, as when he comes knocking at your door for collection of the fine, for not getting Health Insurance. Not a very viable plan in the modern era, as mentioned in the book, considering the advance in military might. Don't the drones in Des Moines suddenly perk up ones ears, on this? Would the Feds turn the drones on its own populace, if backed into a corner?

For an answer one simple has to look at Tiananmen Square. They'll either get a signature, or do a signature (strike). The second is to defund the program, which The House of Representatives, tried to do and failed, but has another chance early next year. The last is to use the Freedom of the Press and the Freedom to Assemble, to express the electorate's displeasure at this law and send it back to where it came from.

Denied health coverage because of a pre-existing condition is a bug-a-boo that plays on the fear of the middle class. They've defined it as an either/or proposition.

A con always tries to portray the options in this way. There are other alternatives. For example, The State of Texas, so far has refused to accept federal money, in order to opt out of Obama care.

The Obama administration lamented the fact that Texas was going to "leave money on the side of the road." I would say that is a carney statement, but I wouldn't want to impugn the reputation of the carnies. But does that really solve the problem for the rest of the states?

Impeachment has been bandied about but that seems too farfetched. If they couldn't get the President on lying about using a another name on the Illinois Bar and the probably counterfeiting his selective service, to say nothing of his birth certificate, I'd say that option is a non-starter.

John Anderson




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