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We the people...

November 3, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

This is the opening statement of our Constitution. Notice the first three words; "WE THE PEOPLE." From sea to shining sea, purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain and everything in between, you and I are "We The People." And as a member in good standing of "We The People," aren't you just a wee bit tired of Washington politics? The "same-old, same-old." Of course you are because the one thing almost a hundred percent of us agree on is that the system is broken and badly in need of repair.

But nothing is gonna change until "We The People" demand change. It's that simple and it's that difficult but it's also that true. So as you're reading this you're thinking, "Gee, John, what do we do?" Aha, I'm glad you asked that question. I have the answer. There are three simple things we can do....and somehow must do in order to effect change. Now, I'm not the mastermind that's gonna tell you how we can do all three but only what we have to do.

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First, do you notice everyone is getting rich off this political system except you and me? From the pundits on MSNBC and Fox News, all the books they're writing, and never telling you what we must do, because they would cease being rich. We wouldn't need their analysis or their vast knowledge (haruumph) of how to fix things. Why? Because we can fix it ourselves. By the way, 47% of our Congress are millionaires. And they have the audacity to tell us how tough things are!!

If we really want to change the system, here's what we do: Regardless of the political party, we, at the next election, begin voting each and every incumbent out of office. Don't make any difference how good or bad they are. Democrat or Republican. We simply start voting them out. Why? Because they are failing. We all know that. Everyone blames everyone else and comes back to us and tells us how bad the other guys are but the bottom line is that nothing changes, right?

So what will this accomplish? Won't it create chaos? It will accomplish the main thought of the beginning of our Constitution; "We The People." And yes, it will create chaos, but isn't that what Washington is now? It may not solve anything but it certainly can't make matters worse. But here's what it will do: IT WILL SHOW OUR WASHINGTON POLITICIANS THAT THEY ARE NO LONGER IN CHARGE. "WE THE PEOPLE" ARE.

And they will have to listen to us. Did you know that right now somewhere between 90-94% of all incumbents are re-elected! No questions asked. We just keep voting them back until they make careers off us out there. In 2000, according to the Congressional Quarterly, out of 435 Congressional districts up for re-election, 359 were considers "safe," meaning that there "was no uncertainty who would win." And they once in office, the average Democrat and Republican votes about 90% along party lines.

This would be ok if things were going well but they're not. Folks, we can do it! We're the People. By kicking the old guard out, be it Democrat or Republican, we at least would be re-gaining control. At least That's The Way I See It. Let me know how you see it at or call me at 319-327-4640. Love to hear what you have to say and figure out how to get this out to others.

What? Oh yea, I did say three things need to be changed, didn't I? Here quickly are the other two: Get rid of all Lobbyists and the Lobbyist system. No more, no more!

(Remember, "We're the People"). And once we get the old guard out, demand term limits for everyone. Get voted in, do your job and then get out! That's what our motto should be.

With all that, have a blessed week!!



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