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Urges action by citizens

October 23, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

We are not done yet!

Many middle-class families are still struggling in this country. And while there's so much talk and noise, back and forth going on in Washington, hardly any of it seems to be about the struggle of these folks.

It is easy, in light of all this, to get frustrated and cynical. It is so tempting to just turn off the TV and wait four years before you do anything.

When we turn the other way, others are doing everything they can to make their voices heard, and You can see the effect in Washington and in our government in our state. The failure of comnion-sense legislation has affected the lives of the people of this Nation so much that the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer, leaving the middle-class hard working families carrying the burden.

All our taxes increased, but not on the big business and wealthy. Insurance premium go up, but not Our Congressmen's. Prescription Drugs and Health Care sky rocked, but Congress gets special benefit packages for life. Food prices are up, gas is up, education cost is up but wages stay the same while elected officials get a raise.

With the cost of living rising, our wages are lower or stay the same, people are laid off and companies send their factories over seas. This result is the Nations' rural middle-class families, struggling to make ends meet and others lose everything and become homeless. Is this Your America? Then we have the shutdown. Washington is not listening to our voices. They say the American people do not want the shutdown or go into default and not pay our debts. We are held accountable to pay our rent or mortgage, our electric or gas bill, our garbage bill, our children's education need, medical, house and car insurances. We are required to pay property, state and federal taxes. What is happening here? Why do elected officials get two or more cars and a drive that we pay for? Why do elected officials get to sleep in their offices when we don't get to sleep at our work site? There are other whys that many of our State and Federal elected officials get free yet we the people pay for it. Is this our America?

Our Governor and Washington officials do not hear our voices! This is not what this country is about. What are you willing to do? Change still depends on you. Your voice is important and taking action can make a change.

Why are we not seeing new factories and business built in our rural communities? How much longer do we wait when folks are losing, their homes and have no jobs? And when it cost more to live then what your wages are. Workers can not pay for their children's education, medical bills and put food on their table? How much longer? This is not about Republican, Democrats or Independence; nor culture or religion.; or the color of Your skin; nor your gender. This is about you, the people of the United States of America standing up against big business, wall street, special interest groups and politician that are not doing their job.

When Neighborhoods, Communities and State leaders work together they can accomplish affordable education, better back ground check for guns, equal rights for all, civil rights, affordable health care, immigration , housing, wages, and jobs for all. The acts of prejudice are damaging. On going gun violence creates fear. And Hate is to great a burden to carry. The human spirit becomes tired and weakens. We are so much more fair and decent then that.

We are a caring and compassionate Nation and must nurture and sustain Hope. We must keep on working together to build a country worthy for our children's generation. We owe them more and we must believe in the power of people to make it happen.

Take a stance. Let your voice be heard. You can make a difference. We can overcome these barriers and meet today and tomorrows challenges together not with fear but with hope. This is a tough time for us and it is not an easy time. Many folks do not want to think about or talk about politics. It is important that we do something. We can make a change and we can get our voices heard.

To find ways to help, talk to each other. Talk to your elected officials; use the library and your computer to research organizations you can work with. Send letters to your Congressmen, your Govemors and all elected officials. Write your opinion letters to all newspapers and letters to the editors. Most important Vote in officials that will do the job they are assigned to do. Get out and Vote. We are not done yet. Always be kind to yourself and each other.

Jeannie Sieck




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