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Finds fault with Onbamacare

October 14, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to Editor:

State (D) senator Steve Sodders' message in 10/2/13 The Chronicle spoke of "making sure every adult also has access to affordable health care", and that the Affordable Health Care Act will "reduce the increase in health care costs for everyone...", and that "many Iowa Families and small businesses will quahfy for a break on their monthly premiums."

Even David Young of Cedar Rapid wrote in Friday's (10/4/13) Gazette how the AHCA allows "more free preventive care ... helps us stay more healthy ... and thus can all live happier and healthier lives...", that "slowly the cost of all health insurance will come down, as people become healthier we will less and less need to support the insurance needs of others ...... ending with "when we are seeking the happiness of all, then we ourselves will be filled with true joy."

You can just imagine their unblinking eyes glazed over in their utopian ideals and dreams. But like any dream, reality most often shockingly changes the truthful perspective.

Within just a few days of existence, it is being proven that many are not finding cheaper costs or even 'true joy' within the AFHC act. Stats show that previously where a 27 yr old single male would have paid $70/month for health insurance, now he has to pay nearly $200/month.

Hundreds of nurses and medical personnel are being laid off, doctors are closing offices, due to draconian cuts in medical payments, which restrict continued access to their services. Thousands of employees in =elated fields now find themselves with part-time jobs, if not laid off, and unable to support themselves as before, because of the shockingly expansive cost of AHCA. Even former supporters of the AHCA such as union workers are finding it surprisingly isn't what they were told, seeing it is less productive support for the American people, but more a payoff and exclusion for political cronies and supporters.

While happily shouting "it's alive; it's alive!! ", the AHCA

sponsors gaily slap themselves on the back for creating this abysmal frankenstein, all the while ignoring the rampage and havoc this monstrosity of legislation is inflicting upon average America. They clink their figurative and probably literal champagne glasses at succeeding in

bringing their goal to fruition, but not surprisingly hid the real effects from the light of day.

The population is now seeing that "you can keep your doctor; you can keep your insurance" were

indeed casually tossed words of empty rhetoric of political expendiency, not honest conditions.

The population is now seeing that the AHCA is more of political and financial payoff for the

people currently in power.

Political leadership in Washington rampages about specialized prorities holding America hostage, but will never admit that their own privileged political minority is forcing a highly unwilling and hugely vast American majority hostage to live under their own demands of

political hijacking. They conveniently refuse to listen to or even acknowledge the people they claim to represent, wielding their political prowess with delightful gleam, while the polls they adore are showing the opposite results. The thousands of people finding great difficulty with the AHCA cannot be explained away simply as merely 'misguided', 'misinformed', or 'just don't understand it.

Employees are suddenly forced to accept cutbacks in salaries and hours because employers cannot afford keeping them full time to pay health care costs. Some housholds find their cost of health care takes most of their available money, reducing them to poverty levels. Even a woman in Utah who is below the poverty level, cannot get a waiver from the AHCA, therefore, $453 of her $500 monthly income goes to paying her health care bill. She is actually too poor to qualify for the waivers.

The truth of the AHCA is shown when exemptions are easily passed out to those in Congress and

political supporters. Many congressional supporters sought exemptions months ago for their districts, fearing what would happen when the costs of AHCA would finally be implemented. If the AHCA is such a good deal, why are there so many running from it?

The truth of the AECA is also shown by how unwilling the creators are to seek honest improvement in it. Massive built-in fraud is even admitted. Their continued belief that they have created health care nirvana is frightening, for their limited ideals require that they dismiss anything else as unnecesary or even dishonest, when the dishonesty rests in their own actions of deceit and political patronage, in their own refusal to admit the true effects of the AHCA, seeing only their imagined dreams and schemes. With people honestly hurting from the AHCA, they completely disregard the continuing results that would discolor their own manufactured self-importance of political privilege.

There are indeed average people who seriously and honestly hope that the AHCA can succeed, seeing it is a solution to many previous problems. Trouble is that the AHCA wasn't designed to be successful, it was designed to be oppressive. If this were a serious attempt to address legitimate problems, there would have been continued talks with all interests, rather than omitting most of the population from its design. There are serious resolutions that can be used to solve many of the difficulties with health care; the political parties involved just weren't interested in sharing their power or their money.

Allowing insurance to be sold across state lines has been continually ignored, a simple solution that would definitely reduce costs and offer greater variety. Efforts to ensure that the AHCA is applied to ALL Americans is continually being denied by the AHCA's creators. Their message of fairness and justice would be much more relevant if they weren't so strongly set against its application to themselves. If they are so sure of the AHCA and its design and purpose, why not live the law along with all Americans, so that they too can enjoy being "filled with true joy", so that they too can enjoy the 'fairness' they seem so willing to rave about in glowing report. Unfortunately, the reports are showing that there's nothing fair, affordable, or caring about the AHCA at all.

Terry Wilkinson




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