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Toledo Farmers Market

October 4, 2013
By Dawn Troutner - Market Master , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Market Report for Sept. 27th

It was a warm market night in Toledo. The Toledo Farmers Market is excited to announce that Devon had her little bundle of joy, Mason Lee, weighing in at 8l bs 11 oz and was 22 inches long. Congratulations to the new parents.

Last week we were wearing sweatshirts, this week we are wearing shorts and t-shirt, a sign of the season. This week Kristi, Larry and Caryn, Norton's, Dale, Chuck and Ginger, Dawn, Cheryl, Marie, Lois and Brenda, Frances, the Kubik family, Karen, Vernon and Wilma sat up their tables and filled them up. Some of the items this week were apples, peaches, watermelons, grapes, bohemie plums, bakery, noodles, tomatoes, onions, winter squash, potatoes, sweet corn, gourds, pumpkins, jams, jellies, popcorn, leeks, beets, honey, egg plant, hot and sweet peppers, eggs, candles, ceramics, mums, and fresh herbs.

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Dawn Troutner
Toledo Market Master

Fall is in the air, winter is around the corner getting ready to knock. I watched a flock of wild geese flying over head last week. They are one of nature's amazements to me. The geese fly in a V-formation and I have heard that the leader is nearly always a wise old female. She does not necessary lead the formation all the way, when she gets tired she drops back and another female takes her place. When some see the geese moving, they know they are running out of time to get things in order for winter. I've been trying to get ready for winter by canning and freezing some of the tasty produce I grew this season. Corn is in the freezer, sauerkraut is made, a few pickles were made, peaches were canned and turned into delicious jam and peach salsa, pears are made into pear butter, and the spaghetti sauce is also done. It is time to move on to pizza sauce, tomato juice, and whole canned tomatoes. I am even going to try to make some sun dried tomatoes.

YES, tomatoes are everywhere. I saw a saying the other day, "When life hands you lemons make lemonade. When life hands you tomatoes, make Bloody Marys." Sure wished I liked Bloody Marys. But those that do, you're in luck. Come out to the Toledo Farmers Market and purchase your tomatoes to make a delicious Bloody Mary mix.

There are so many tomatoes in the garden that the chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys are enjoying a few. When I toss a few tomatoes in the yard the chickens and ducks run to eat them up. As soon as the geese notice they are right over there chasing everyone away. They love tomatoes, too. The geese are the bullies in the barn yard here at our place. So, some days I don't let them out for quite some time. It doesn't change anything; it just gives the other critters time to enjoy some tomatoes. I like to watch our Bourdon Red Turkeys eat tomatoes; they are like little kids running around with the tomato hanging out of their mouths trying to get away from the other turkeys. This is our first year raising turkeys and it is a learning experience. I believe we have them all sold for Thanksgiving dinners. We plan on keeping a pair to mate and hopefully it all works out. We even have a few barn cats that will take a bite or two out of the tomatoes. But then again it could be the possum that is visiting the barn cat food dish at night. Whoever or whatever it is they can have all the tomatoes they want, the tomatoes are plentiful.

Time is running out, be sure to come to the Toledo Farmers market and make your purchases so you can get ready for winter. The last market is Oct. 25th.

See you at market.



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