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Defends horse slaughter

July 31, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Dear Editor,

If Mr. Redford, PETA, HSUS, and others insist on pursuit of banning slaughter in the USA then might I make a suggestion.

That they might actually use their monetary resources for regular contributions to rescues, your homes to house these horses, your time to care for them, your knowledge to train them, your farrier skills for hoof care, and your vet abilities to keep up the health of unwanted, abandoned, back yard bred horses, and some form of birth control for wild horses.

If they do not have the capacity to house horses/ponies/burros on their property then pay boarding fees out of their own pockets. As well as purchase grain and hay to feed every horse /pony /burro they prevent from being processed.

There also should be some type of regulated registry that all anti-slaughter people and groups should have to register with and create a monthly electronic debit so each month an actual rescue that is listed and classified as a rescue receives funds to assist them.

This way the funds dispersed can be tracked and every anti slaughter group/individual can show that they not only believe in anti slaughter but can provide evidence that they are doing their utmost to keep every unwanted horse /pony /burro from being abandoned and starved. Saying you don't want to see a horse killed and backing it are entirely different. Quite frankly all I see are peole crying how cruel it is and yet there are many rescues out there begging for volunteers and monetary assistance.

Maybe HSUS and PETA officers, their lobbyists, attorneys, politicians they have in their pockets, and all the anti slaughter individuals should stop talking and start acting!

Standing on the legislature floor, sitting behind a desk, writing a letter is entirely different from getting manure on your pants and dirt under your nails and delivering feed taking care of these animals.

Isn't it about time everyone admitted that killing the horse processing in the US is exactly what is killing the horse industry, and created a crisis of abuse, neglect and abandonment?!

I applaud Iowa and all other states who have plants pending approval for taking a stand against this gross negligence!

Tara Morrow

Naples, Texas



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