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Toledo Farmers Market

July 26, 2013
By Dawn Troutner - Toledo Market Master , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Market Report for July 19th

What a hot market night for the Toledo Farmers Market. This week a large crowd awaited the blow of the whistle. Sixteen vendors made it to market this week. Those vendors were Kristi, Devon, Larry and Caryn, Cindy and Calvin, Darold and Ruth, Chuck and Ginger, Dale, Dawn, Cheryl, Marie, Lois, Brenda and Ethan, Frances, Shirley, Freddie, and Michael, Jim, Linda and Peggy and Kathy and her clan. Some of the items available for your purchasing pleasure was egg plant, zucchini, kohlrabi, summer squash, green beans, cabbage, eggs, popcorn, squirrel corn, dried herbs and pepper powder, honey, honey sticks, creamed honey, bees wax candles, bee pollen, cotton candy, snack mixes, potatoes, turnips, beets, raspberries, green peppers, peas, jams, jellies, sweet and green onions, jalapenos, cauliflower, broccoli, bread, noodles, Czech bakery, cookies, pies, fresh herbs and Sweet Corn. Be sure to stop out on Fridays from 5-7 on the East side of the courthouse to see what you can purchase.

I noticed that plenty of dill bouquets were making their way past my table on Friday night. Every time I smell dill, I think of my Grandmother Kriz. Whenever I stepped on her porch to enter her house she had bouquets of dill drying. Oh what a pleasant smell and the comforting feeling it brings.

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Dawn Troutner
Toledo Market Mster

Dill is a popular home garden herb. When you plant dill in your home garden you will notice that the seeds are slow to sprout. Once established, dill is easy to grow. Dill tends to get very leggy, so staking the plant will probably be necessary as it matures. Within eight weeks the first harvest can be clipped. Regular harvesting of the leaves for cooking is recommended to keep the plants more compact and easier to handle as it gets a little to heavy as it matures. But, a draw back to regularly harvesting the leaves is that the plants do not last as long, or produce seed heads. Dill will self-seed in the fall so you will find new shoots sprouting early in your garden the next spring.

Dill is very popular in Scandinavian and Polish culinary dishes, being added to everything from vegetables, salads, fish and sour cream and sauces. It is a classic ingredient in gherkin and other dill pickle recipes, including dilled beans and flavored vinegars used in salad dressings and sauces. Did you know that fresh dill is known for its ability to improve appetite and digestion? When a more intense flavor is desired, the seeds are used to flavor meats such as lamb, soups, stews, and grilled or broiled fish dishes.

Dill is one of the main ingredients in old fashioned "gripe water" which was a traditional remedy for stomach aches, gas and coli in babies and children. It has been a popular remedy for upset stomach, hiccups, and insomnia.

If you have never smelled fresh dill be sure to come to the Toledo Farmers Market on Fridays from 5-7 pm and take time to stop and smell the dill. See you at market.



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