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Toledo Farmers Market

July 12, 2013
By Dawn Troutner - Toledo Market Master , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Market Report for July 5th

This Friday night the Toledo Farmers market shared the Courthouse square with the BBQ cook off and the Stop Light Festival. With all the activities going on the Toledo Farmers market was only allowed a limited amount of space. That didn't stop Kristi, Devon, Larry and Caryn, Dale and Elie, Calvin and Cindy, Kathy, Shirley and Freddie, Chuck and Ginger, Dawn, Cheryl, Linda and Smokin G's from attending. Some of the items that were available were, eggs, kolaches, rolicky, noodles, pies, cookies, snack mixes, ceramics, popcorn, cotton candy, rolls, rosettes, breads, honey, dried and fresh herbs, jams, jellies, black, red and yellow raspberries, gooseberries, peas, turnips, broccoli, kohlrabi, beets, cabbage, green beans, green onions, sweet onions, and potatoes. Each week more and more produce is showing up, be sure to come out on Fridays from 5-7 p.m. and visit the Toledo Farmers Market.

One of my favorite veggies was at market on this Friday night, Mr. Potato.

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Dawn Troutner
Toledo Market Master

I think potatoes are one of Mother Nature's best kept secrets. This delicious family favorite is not just good, but good for you. One medium skin on potato provides 45% of your daily value of vitamin C and more potassium than a banana. And it only has 110 calories. There are hundreds of ways to make a potato part of your meal. There are more than 100 varieties of potatoes sold throughout the United States. Each of these varieties fit into one of seven potato types. There are russet, red, white, yellow, blue/purple, fingerlings and petite.

Russet Potatoes, is a medium to large oblong or lightly flattened oval, light to medium russet brown, netted skin, white to pale yellow flesh. A russet is floury dry; the skin is chewy when cooked. The flavor is mild, earthy and has medium sugar content. A russet is preferred for baking, frying, mashing, and roasting.

The Red Potato is waxy, moist, and smooth in texture. The flavor is subtly sweet and has mild sugar content. Red Potatoes are preferred for roasting, mashing, salads, soups, and stews. Because of the red potatoes waxy texture, the flesh stays firm throughout the cooking process. Their thin yet vibrant red skin adds appealing color and texture to side dishes and salads. Round reds are often referred to as "new potatoes," but the term "new" technically refers to any type of potato that is harvested before reaching maturity.

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The Yellow Potato is marble to large size, round or oblong in shape and light tan to golden skin, with yellow to golden flesh. The texture is slightly waxy, velvety, and moist. The flavor of the yellow potato is subtly sweet, rich, and buttery and has medium sugar content. The yellow potato is preferred for grilling, roasting, mashing, and salads. Grilling gives yellow potatoes a crispy skin that enhances the dense flesh, creating a slightly sweet caramelized flavor. The creamy texture and golden color of the yellow potato means you can use less or no butter for lighter and healthier dishes.

The Blue/Purple Potato is small to medium in size, oblong to fingerling, deep purple, blue or slightly red skin with blue, purple lavender, pink or white flesh. The texture of the blue potato is moist, firm and some varieties have higher starch content and floury texture. The flavor of the blue/purple potato is earthy, nutty, and has lower sugar content. The blue/purple potato is preferred for roasting, grilling, salads and baking. Most blue/purple potatoes have moist, firm flesh that retains its shape while adding rich vibrant color and luscious taste to salads. The purple color is preserved best by micro waving, but steaming and baking are also great ways to cook the potatoes.

Fingerlings are 2-4 inches long, finger-shaped or oblong, red, orange, purple, or white skin, red orange, purple, yellow, or white flesh. The texture of the fingerling potato is waxy and firm. The flavor is buttery, nutty, and earthy and has medium sugar content. Fingerlings are preferred for pan-frying, roasting, and salads. Pan frying and roasting enhances their robust flavor and showcase their wonderful nutty or buttery tastes. .

Petite Potatoes are small bite sized potatoes that are actually a grade standard based upon size ("C-size" and smaller, often times referred to as pearls or marble-size). They are the same skin and flesh color as their larger-sized cousins as well as the shape, texture and sugar content. Their flavor profile is similar but with a more concentrated flavor to their larger-sized cousins. Petite potatoes are preferred in salads, roasting or frying. Petites also make a great substitute for pasta, adding nutritional vale as well. I like to toss petites in olive oil, rosemary and salt and pepper to make a colorful, delicious, and fun roasted potatoes. They also save you prep time because they can be prepared and served whole, without slicing or chopping.

Be sure to come on out to the Toledo Farmers Market and see what kind of potatoes you would like to serve at your next meal. See you at market.



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