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Toledo City Council talks Reinig Center, more

2014 City Wages Set

July 4, 2013
By Jimmy Gillispie - Staff Writer ( , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

After a brief meeting with Reinig Center officials, where two motions were approved, the Toledo City Council held a short meeting last Monday to discuss the Toledo Park, residential swimming pools and street closures.

On June 24, the city council met and approved several small items. Two of those came during its first meeting of the night, which was with Reinig Center officials. The approved motions from that meeting dealt with curbing repairs and keg prices.

Kent Campbell told the city council that the cost of kegs of beer once again came up for discussion. He said the city has been charging $185 for many years, despite increases in the city's cost for the keg.

He said kegs are costing $225 in Grinnell and as much as $400 in Des Moines, so the average for the area might be around $250. The city council made a motion to increase the keg fee to $200. It passed unanimously.

The increased fee will begin with next year's bookings. There have been three or four bookings for next year already, according to Joanne Husak. Those renters may not be affected by the increase, she said.

"I hand out the beverage service request form," Husak said. "In the past when we've raised it, if they still have this form which says $185, I honor it. If they lost the form and need a new one, I charge the new price."

Husak also told the council that the Reinig Center has more bookings this year than last for weddings. That, along with the Reinig Farm rent and alcohol sales, have helped the Reinig Center make money for the first time.

"One person actually said the caterer recommended the Reinig Center," Husak said. "Caterers love this place for weddings. They want to come back."

The other discussion about the Reinig Center centered on damaged curbing. Campbell told the council that some of the curbing in front of the building was damaged during snow removal this winter. It was reported some "good-sized chunks" were taken out and need fixed. The city council voted to get estimates on repairing the curbing.

The final issue that briefly came up was smoking near the building. Smoking isn't allowed on the premises, but it still happens, according to Husak and Campbell.

"Smoking is always an issue," Campbell said. "We let them know that if there are excessive cigarette butts out there, they will get charged for that. They usually go out the next day and clean up. You're not going to get rid of it, so why even fight it? We tell them it's not allowed."

After the short Reinig Center meeting, the city council had an hour until its regular meeting started. The regular meeting also had a few quick approvals.

The city council unanimously approved street closings for the Stoplight Festival on Friday. Beginning in the morning, the following streets will be closed - Broadway Street from High Street to State Street, High Street parking spaces on the north side of the courthouse, State Street from the courthouse to Broadway, and High Street parking spaces in front of Fuzz's Sports Pub, 201 W. High Street.

The Stoplight Festival parade, which begins at 5:30 p.m. today also needed city council action. The council voted to waive the Golf Cart Ordinance from noon until 10 p.m. today. The provision will allow golf carts and ATVs on Toledo streets for the festival's lawnmower, golf cart and tractor parade.

In other action, the city council voted to repair the sand volleyball and horseshoe courts at the Toledo Park. Mark Zmolek, City of Toledo public works director, said the courts need repaired if the city wishes to allow public usage. Council members decided to repair the courts, because they are still used at the park.

The city council also addressed private swimming pools at residences. City Attorney Nancy Burk said she's seen several pools around town without a required fence around the pool. The City of Toledo code has specific requirements for pools that have a depth of at least 24 inches. Police Chief Bob Kendall was told by the council to issue warnings to those who have pools but no fence.

A wage resolution for city employees was also approved by the city council. Here are the following wages:

Mark Zmolek, public works director, $46,125

Bob Kendall, police chief, $44,588

Greg Johnson, EMS director, $43,663

Bill Davis, public works foreman, $40,955

Rob Werner, water operator, $38,834

Brian Randall, police officer, $38,820

Dan Quigley, police officer, $38,088

Andrea Young, police officer, $38,088 - after Aug. 27

Dereck Fangman, police officer, $34,424

Mark Dvorak, cemetery sextant, $36,899

Brent Dammann, equipment operator, $36,899

Julie Wilkerson, city clerk, $36,244 - will be $36,744 after clerk classes

Janet Kriegel, water clerk, $10.50 hourly

Mayor - $2,500

City Council Members - $480

The next city council meeting will be on July 8.



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