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Supervisors hear objections to planned Lincoln Township hog confinement operation

June 7, 2013
By Joyce Wiese - News Correspondent , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Tama County Supervisors met with a group of residents concerned about the building of a hog confinement in Lincoln Township during their work session and public comments time before the meeting was officially opened on Monday, June 3.

Supervisors held a discussion on the problem during their regular session of business.

Supervisor Dan Anderson made a telephone call during the discussion to determine the actual requirements for having a public hearing.

The DNR postponed their decisions untill July 1 due to the request of Anderson and the other two supervisors.

Supervisors considered a public hearing and discussed the possibility of what this would accomplish. In finality, all three board members decided delaying the action would not accomplish any change.

It was decided to hold a special work session on Wednesday, June 5 ,to study the Master Matrix and all angles of what they could do.

Action will be taken on their decision on Monday, June 10 at the regular meeting of the County Board of Supervisors.

Complaints sent to the Board of Supervisors included "Utilization of landscaping around confinement structure stating there is little to no information about the spacing of shrubs within each row, how the trees will be watered, if pruning or mulching will be required, how weed competition will be addressed, how fertilization will be addressed, how many years it will take before the landscape is truly established, how the site will be monitored for dead trees and shrubs and how those will be replaced in what time frame.

"Proposed manure storage structure is formed" The application and supporting documents fail to provide any information regarding how the floor of the pit will be inspected and maintained. They reference daily inspections to look for cracks in or any evidence of outside water entering the pit, but fail to document who will be conducting those investigations, whether the person conducting the investigations will be trained on what to look for to assess the integrity of the structure, and whether a log will be kept documenting the results of the monthly inspections.

"Proposed confinement site has a suitable truck turnaround area so semitrailers do not have to back into the facility from the road" There is minimal information for how the truck turnaround area will be monitored, maintained, or repaired, what their methodology for assessing these factors is, who will perform the inspections and repairs, in what time frame, or what their qualifications for doing so.

"Construction permit application includes livestock feeding and watering systems that significantly reduce manure volume"

The applicant gave themselves points for utilizing wet/dry feeders or other feeding and watering systems that significantly reduce manure volume. There is no substantial evidence in the application to prove their claim that this system will truly reduce manure volume. There is no real substantial information for how they propose to measure the volume of water, in what time frame, how irregularities will be addressed, by whom, what their qualifications are or in what time frame they will be completed.

"Injection or incorporation of manure on the same date it is land-applied" The master matrix requires details for design, operation, and maintenance plans for incorporation of injection of manure. The applicant failed to provide any information documenting who will be incorporating or injecting the manure, whether the person incorporation or injecting the manure will be trained for this service, and whether a log will be kept documenting it was completed on the same day it was applied.

"Construction permit application contains a permit plan" Tama County does not have a closure plan and therefore there are no guidelines for the applicant to follow. The applicant failed to include who will be completing the closure, what are their credentials, and who will be inspecting the work to ensure it is completed without burden to Tama County.

A public hearing was held at 10 a.m. for a road classification in Columbia Township on a portion of 380th Street. Engineer Lyle Brehm told supervisors he had not had direct contact with all adjoining landowners and would like to delay a decision until Monday, June 10, for a final decision.

In other business, Gary and Linda Pearson, Clutier, were present to ask for reassignment of a Tama County Tax Sale Certificate for property at 409 Fourth Street in Clutier. This property adjoins their property. Treasurer Michelle Yuska was present and told supervisors there was a total of $1286 needed to cover back taxes and expenses, plus a $10 reassignment fee.

Pearson offered $1,000 for the property plus the $10 reassignment fee. After deliberation, supervisors voted 3-0 to accept the $1,000.

Engineer Lyle Brehm said there was considerable damage done to county roads from the last heavy rainstorm.

Brehm stated there is a bridge near Dysart that will need to be replaced. One end of the bridge is one foot lower than the road and cannot be used.

Claims for the past week approved for payment totaled $101,480.



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