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Notes from the City: Tama

June 10, 2013
From: John Lloyd - Tama Public Works Director , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

-I hope everyone got some good tips on what not to send down their drains in the last article. This article is about a couple of ordinances that are usually overlooked but are fairly important. They are not blowing grass clippings in the street, and having your house number clearly marked.

-First grass clippings. I know you may be thinking what is the big deal. If I don't blow the clippings out they will clog up the mower and my yard won't look good with big wads of grass. Then I will have to rake and do something with the clippings.

The problem with blowing the clippings out into the street is that the clippings end up in the storm sewers(separate lines that take storm water away from the streets). They have the potential to clog the storm intakes (the grates along the curbs that rain runs into)and the lines themselves. If the lines and intakes are clogged the water has nowhere to go. If it cannot go anywhere then water pools which can cause minor flooding and issues with driving on the streets.

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John Lloyd
Tama Public Works Director

I think you can see where I am going with this. It does cost the city money to jet the storm sewers if they get plugged and takes time away from other tasks City staff have to do.

-Second is house numbers. If you do not have numbers on your residence please put them on. By ordinance every residence is to have them. They can be purchased at hardware stores inexpensively. I recommend against the house number being stenciled on the curb in front of the house because it can be covered by snow in the winter. You would be surprised at the number of delivery drivers ask where a residence is because they cannot find the house or apartment number. Thanks again for your time and your understanding, because you might just be helping yourself in the long run.



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