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Says U.S. moral decline results from abortion, acceptance of homosexual behavior

April 16, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Dear Editor:

It appears to me that there are 2 very significant marks of our nation's moral decline. They are abortion as a means of birth control, and the practice and acceptance of homosexual behavior as being legitimate. The one is clearly the taking of human life because that life is unwanted, at a stage in life that every one of us has passed. The other is putting a lie on the same level as the truth, even to the acceptance and promoting of same-sex "marriage", so called.

In a White House letter to a constituent, we read: "I personally believe in marriage equality for same sex couples. More remains to be done to insure every single American is treated equally regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity."

Could we ask, is the self worth, value of a person, or being equally treated the issue? No, the issue is behavior. Let me then ask this: Is all behavior equal? Are there some behaviors that are normal, natural, and in keeping with the ways our bodies are made, and so by their essence beneficial and even necessary? Necessary as to procreation and the rearing and training of children. Plainly, the husband/wife marital union would be under this category. Are there behaviors that are unnatural, abnormal, and perverse, and plainly not in keeping with the ways our bodies are made?

How is it then that these 2 categories of behavior are given the same value? The following quotes and remarks might help to answer that question: "The cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be." So said the noted philosopher Carl Sagen. Paul Kurtz states: "If man is the product of evolution, one species among others, in a universe without purpose, then man's option is to live for himself." Abraham Maslow, at the top of his pyramid of man's needs, says that man's greatest need is what he calls "self-actualization". By this he means that the most important thing we can do is follow our inner desires. In other words, the desire to do something is that which makes the doing of it right. Is truth determined by philosophers, or 51% of the voters, or 5 out of 9 judges?

Who is man? What is our nature and purpose? How did we get here? Do we have worth and dignity, and what is their source, if we do? And beyond those questions, there are other questions. Did something come from nothing? Did life come from non-life? Did complex order and design come from chaos and disorder? Are we just a cosmic accident and a complex chunk of dirt and water? Do we have any responsibility beyond our own desires?

The practices of abortion and homosexuality have something in common. They degrade and devalue man and his dignity. Abortion degrades all of us by making a living unborn child, who has no less value than each one of us, into a worthless mass of indiscriminate cells. Homosexual practices degrade the body by unnatural and perverse acts. And how is it that we can sanction such degrading of men's design, purpose, and dignity. You and I are worth more than that. Why? Because we were given life for a purpose by a personal, Almighty, and holy God. "So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them." No, God does not have a body. "Made in the image of God" does not mean that God cloned Himself. But it means we were given a soul with attributes like intellect, will, self-awareness, creativity, reason, and emotion, which are God-like. Should we not want to elevate and build ourselves and our fellow man up instead of bringing ourselves down by doing and promoting the above actions?

"Who is man?" can only be answered by a more basic question, "Who is God?"

We find Him only rightly revealed, not out of the imagination of our fallen selves, but in His Word the Bible, and revealed especially in the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ who declared, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away".

Brian Squiers




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