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"Pink Visitors" confirmed in Tama County!

April 11, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

"This will be a very exciting event for people of the Tama County community!" said Dr. Marty Malarkey, "My studies have shown that this rare group of flamingoes will indeed spend some of their spring season in the area of Tama-Toledo and surrounding communities."

In January it was reported by Dr. Malarkey, a leading ornithologist employed by Balderdash University, that this rare species could change their migratory pattern a bit to include the Tama County, Iowa area. Because of the delayed spring and the recent whacky weather there, Dr. Malarkey was able to confirm the news last week. "People in your area may have been somewhat upset with Mother Nature about the cold temperatures lingering and the recent snow fall," explained Malarkey, "but this only helped to ensure the flamingoes would change their pattern that far north. Instead of scolding a certain groundhog in Pennsylvania for being wrong, people in your area should be forgiving him. This will be a real treat!"

When the possibility was last reported, a certain citizen of the Tama-Toledo area expressed some genuine interest (bewilderment?) about it in an email to the Tama-Toledo news editor. This very interested person has garnered the attention of Dr. Malarkey who would like to extend an invitation to them to be a liaison, a sort of guinea pig if you will, regarding these special birds and their visit to the Tama County area and this person is encouraged to call one of the numbers below ASAP to be the first in Tama County to see these birds.

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Dr. Malarkey also went on to explain that he "needed a group of individuals who could monitor the birds, care for them, and protect them." Making a few phone calls to the area he was informed the STC Music Boosters were a hard working bunch of community members, showing their dedication to the music department at STC. This dedication and hard work awarded them the responsibility and trust of Dr. Malarkey to watch over the flamingoes while they visit on their way home.

If you would like to set up a personal and up close look at the flock, you are encouraged to contact Mary Jo Cherveny at (641) 484-2745 or (641) 485-4363 (cell), or Janice Upah at (641) 484-5847 or (641) 481-3051 (cell). They will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

The flamingoes will be "tame" enough to allow them into area residents' yards, and the Music Boosters can help, whether you want them in your yard, or in someone else's yard. Although they most definitely will NOT leave a mess or be a nuisance, residents may consider calling the Music Boosters to set up a "Flamingo Insurance" policy if they do not want these birds taking up residence in their yard for the day. They also ask your cooperation in not approaching or moving the birds if they do make an appearance in your yard. "This is all meant to be a fun experience for the citizens in the STC school district, and to help raise funds for the STC Music Boosters as they not only help send our music students to New York City this June, but in the future for trips or other purchases to help keep our music groups successful.", said Mike Carnahan, STC Band Director. "We hope to see a lot of pink this spring!"



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