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STC seventh grade boys basketball team winning games in January

February 4, 2013
By Coach Lon Wilkerson , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

The South Tama seventh grade boys basketball A-team played West Marshall on Jan. 17. This was their second meeting of the year. The Trojans of STC won the first game on Nov. 27 by a score of 31-20. This game was much like the eighth grade game.

STC came out and led 8-4 after the first period while missing several close shots. Good defense and an efficient offense finally saw STC pull away some at the half with STC leading 19-8. West Marshall struggled as STC played good defense and forced some bad shots. The rebounding was solid and the offense continued to roll with some nice passing.

STC expanded the lead after three periods to 30-14. The Trojans kept up the pressure defense on the ball and the offense was still clicking. STC won the game by a score of 49-17.

We took away their offense with great defense and our offense got to the basket with success. This was a good all around game with everyone contributing. Many players are now starting to understand how hard they have to work all the time at both ends of the floor.

STATS A-team:

Scoring - Lane Koch 12, Nathan Lasley 11, Gabe Shields 10, Courage Tyon, Jake Wilkerson and Logun Freese 4 each, Josh Konicek and Justus Ward 2 each.

Rebounds - Konicek 6, Koch and Ward 5 each, Lasley 4, Wilkerson 2, Tyon and Shields 1 each.

Steals - Wilkerson 3, Ward and Koch 2, Freese, Shields, Lasley and Konicek1 each.

Blocks - Koch 3.

STC - 17

WM - 14

The seventh grade B-team played next and would try to sweep the Trojans of West Marshall in all three games that day. This was a close battle all the way as both teams scrapped at both ends of the floor. STC led at the half 13-7.

The teams went back and forth with several possessions. Great hustle by Gannon Ferneau kept STC fighting for the victory. After three periods STC held a 15-12 lead. Some good defense and key rebounds and steals helped STC get the win 17-14.

This group continues to hustle but needs to work on passing the ball better and not turning it over. Everyone hustled and played hard which is good to see. We will continue to work on the mistakes but the boys were happy with the win.

STATS B-team:

Scoring - Shaye Betz and Gannnon Ferneau 6 each,Rian Simpson 3, Chase Branan 2.

Rebounds - Dewey Roberts 4, Betz 3, Ferneau and Simpson 2 each.

Steals -Ferneau 5, Branan and Roberts 2, Simpson 1.

STC - 33

Benton - 29

The STC seventh grade boys basketball team traveled to Keystone on Jan. 15, to play the Benton Bobcats. The Trojans played two full games and an extra quarter against the Bobcats.

The A-team was in a game from the start as Benton used ball pressure all over the court. STC managed to stay close and led at the half 14-13. Both teams were evenly matched and usually the team that takes care of the ball will win.

The third quarter saw STC making some bad passes and missing some easy shots inside. The pressure was wearing us down and causing us to make some mistakes we usually don't. After three quarters the score was 24-20 in favor of Benton.

The Trojans fought back but missed some free throw opportunities down the stretch. The final score was 33-29 with Benton taking the victory.

This was a good game for STC even though it was a loss. We have played some teams that were not very good and never challenged us. This was definitely a challenge and now the players know what they have to do against good teams. Taking care of the basketball and making the easy shots are correctable errors. All the players hustled and worked hard but the Bobcats just had a little more energy than us at the end. We will work out the mistakes and try to get better as a team.

The B-team came out and played pretty well on offense and won 40-21. The players worked hard on offense and found some good lanes to the basket. Defensively we stood around at times and fortunately Benton was not very good at putting the ball in the basket.

Many players are still showing improvement and learning the game. This was a good game to get all the players on the floor and play some different positions. The extra quarter was played with a running clock and STC won 14-8. This group hustled and worked hard at getting open for shots. This group also showed some improvement in certain areas. Several players are getting better and more comfortable with the game and that is what coaches want to see.


Scoring - Gabe Shields 10, Nathan Lasley 6, Lane Koch 5, Courage Tyon 4, Josh Konicek 2, Justus Ward 2.

Rebounds - Koch 10, Ward 7, Shields 4, Tyon and Lasley 2, Konicek 1.

Steals - Shields 5, Koch and Wilkerson 2, Lasley and Konicek 1.


Scoring - Dewey Roberts 7, Rian Simpson , Shaye Betz, Gannon Ferneau and Lasley 6 each, Andrew Johnson 4, Chase Brana 3, Logun Freese 2.

Rebounds - Ferneau 6, Freese 5, Betz and Lasley 4 each, Johnson and Simpson 3 each.

Steals - Simpson 5, Lasley and Freese 2 each, Dostal, Branan and Wilkerson 1 each.

Extra quarter:

Scoring -Johnson 6, Ferneau 4, Slade St. John 2, Branan 2.

Rebounds - Ferneau 3, Johnson 2, Cesar Zammaron 2.

Steals - Johnson 2, Branan 1.

STC - 41

Union - 35

The seventh grade boys basketball team traveled to Dysart to play Union on Jan. 11. The Trojans came out flat at first and missed some shots and were getting out hustled. They then ran the offense and hustled more which had them in lead after the first quarter 14-11.

The second quarter was much better. The offense was recognizing the open man and we had several nice passes. Defensively we started playing better and pressuring the ball some. The Trojans extended their lead at the half and led 25-15. STC came out in the third quarter and had good court vision that led to some easy baskets.

We looked into the posts more and we had the height advantage which helped for rebounding also. The Trojans put some full court pressure on the Knights and forced some turnovers that led to points. STC led 37-19 after three quarters. The starters played some and then the bench came in for some floor time.

Union then got hot and we did not handle their pressure well and turned the ball over. The lead got cut to 10 points with two minutes to go. The Trojans were able to hold off in the end but it made for a close ending to a game that we had well in hand after three quarters. The final score was 41-35 in favor of the Trojans. I was proud of the effort the kids showed after Union made the run.

They handled the ball well at the end and moved it around without having Union get it back on a lazy turnover. A good team effort and hopefully the players will know what it takes now to finish the game cleanly without rushing into shots when we have the lead late in games. We passed the ball well and controlled the boards which helps win games.


Scoring - Gabe Shields 17, Lane Koch 10, Josh Konicek, Courage Tyon, and Nathan Lasley 4 each, Jake Wilkerson 2.

Rebounds - Koch 12, Ward 4, Tyon, Konicek, Shields, Wilkerson, and Lasley 2 each.

Steals - Shields 2, Freese, Ward, and Konicek 1 each.

Assists - Konicek 3, Shields, Tyon, and Wilkerson 2 each, Ward 1.

STC - 35

Union - 5

The B-team played Union next and it was a 35-5 victory for the Trojans. STC dominated form the start as they were much better fundamentally than the Knights.

Everyone moved to the basket well and ran the offense. Defense and rebounding were very good also and led to some easy layups. The Trojans had eight players score which is always good to get everyone involved.

All players hustled and showed improvement. It was a good game to get every player plenty of time on the court. Most players are improving and that is most important at this level.


Scoring - Dewey Roberts 11, Shaye Betz 6, Rian Simpson, Chase Branan and Gannon Ferneau 4 each, Logun Freese, Justus Ward and Jacob Dostal 2 each.

Rebounds - Ferneau, Ward and Betz 5 each, Simpson and Branan 2 each, Freese and Lasley 1 each.

Steals - Branan , Betz and Ferneau 2 each, Roberts and Ward 1 each.

Assists - Ward and Betz 2, Simpson, Roberts and Branan 1 each. Blocks - Ward 2, Lasley 1.

STC - 48

South Hardin - 23

The seventh grade boys played South Hardin on Jan. 10, and came away with a 48-23 victory.

The Trojans started hot and never looked back. After one period the Trojans led 16-1. STC was the more talented team in all areas and it showed. The score at half was 34-5 and the starters were done for the game. This gave the second and third team players some floor time.

Offense and defense were both run pretty well and they made the extra passes for the open man. It was a good team victory and everyone contributed and got plenty of playing time.

The Trojans are showing improvement and working hard to learn all aspects of the game. We are pressuring the ball in certain situations and it is paying off with some easy steals.


Scoring - Courage Tyon 11, Gabe Shields 9, Lane Koch 6, Nathan Lasley 5, Jake Wilkerson 4, Dewey Roberts 4, Justus Ward 3, Andrew Johnson, Shaye Betz and Gannon Ferneau 2 each.

Rebounds - Wilkerson and Lasley 4, Ferneau and Betz 3 each, Logun Freese and Johnson 2 each, Shields , Ward and Tyon 1 each.

Steals - Koch and Shields 4 each, Wilkerson, Tyon, Roberts, Ferneau, Johnson and Zammaron 1 each.

STC - 41

BCLUW - 17

The Trojans beat BCLUW 41-17 on Jan. 7. The Trojans opened a 14 -5 lead in the first quarter. Offensively and defensively, the Trojans were the much quicker team.

STC led at the break 22-7. Good pressure defense and solid offense helped the Trojans extend the lead to 31-11 after three quarters. Everyone got involved some way and nine players scored. It was a good team win as all players hustled on both ends of the court. Lane Koch led the rebounding stats with seven and Gabe Shields led in steals with five.


Scoring - Courage Tyon 11, Gabe Shields 10, Lane Koch 6, Rian Simpson 4, Josh Konicek 4, Nathan Lasley and Jake Wilkerson 2 each, Justus Ward and Shaye Betz 1 each.

Rebounds - Koch 7, Wilkerson and Shields 4 each, Tyon and Konicek 2 each, Ward, Betz, Jacob Dostal, Simpson, Dewey Roberts 1 each.

Steals - Shields 5, Wilkerson and Konicek 3 each, Tyon 2, Roberts, Ward, Roberts 1 each.



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