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God is where He has always been

December 21, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

To the Editor:

With the recent news about the shooting at a shopping mall in Oregon. I felt I needed to comment. This was not a war zone. There were mothers pushing infants in strollers, with toddlers in toe. This was not a war zone. There were teens with their faces looking down to their phones receiving the latest text. This was not a war zone. There were older couples finishing up their Christmas shopping, hoping that the grandkids could explain those new fangled phone gadgets" to them. This was not a war zone. There were working moms and dads stoppin,, by to get a little shopping done, finally without the kids. This was not a war zone. Life was going on as usual. Presents needed to be wrapped.

Christmas cookies needed to be baked. Supper needed to be fixed. Tired bodies needed just to get home to rest. Then suddenly, this bustling symbol of Christmas became a war zone. Without warning gun shots were fired . People screamed and scrambled to get to an exit. Mothers fell down on the ground covering their terrified children. People ran at random, just wanting to get away. No one knew why or when or how this was happening. Suddenly there were officers everywhere in the war zone. Mayhem and chaos reined in this once happy place. Then as suddenly as it started, the firing stopped, and people lav on the ground bleeding and in pain. A few of the unlucky ones had died on the spot. The shooting seemed to be completely at random.

When things like this happen people cry out to God. How could He let something like this happen? Some people say WHERE WAS GOD??

I'm glad you asked. God is where He has always been. He has not moved. He still reaches out to us and loves us so much that he sacrificed His only Son so that we might live with him forever. We are the ones who have gone astray. Our nation has turned it's back on the God of the Bible. Mention of his name causes our schools to block Christmas story pageants. substituting it with Santa Claus and reindeer themes. The 10 commandments has been removed from our court houses where they have stood for generations. Christmas trees are under attack, and the very symbol of Christianity, the cross, is rejected. The Bible, the inspired word of God has been labeled as just a collection of stories or fables with no credibility. Look how far we have fallen. but yes God is still there, waiting for us to return to him. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, " If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin. and heal their land. Yes, God is in Heaven. right where He always had been, we just need to seek Him. This is the season for repentance and love.

Rebecca Flora

rural Tama



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