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In support of Planned Parenthood

December 7, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Just as one call to a corporation was inadequate research to make judgments about political endorsements, one phone call to a Planned Parenthood center is inadequate research for making judgments about Planned Parenthood. Approval or disapproval of an issue should be based on more complete information.

Of course, mammograms are not performed in Planned Parenthood offices. However, for women who have no access to a doctor because of a lack of money or insurance or for other reasons, Planned Parenthood does a referral so that the woman can go to an imaging center to have the procedure performed. If the woman lacks funds to pay for the mammogram, Planned Parenthood goes to funding sources in order to pay all or part of the cost.

On some occasions, Planned Parenthood will sponsor a traveling vehicle where mammograms are made very accessible.

Other services performed by Planned Parenthood are as follows: birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies, prevention and treatment of STD'S, and cervical cancer screenings. These services along with mammograms occupy over 90% of their work while abortion is approximately 3%.

Having spent hours in the chemotherapy center at the U of I Hospital, I met several women whose time on this earth with their family and friends was merely being extended for a few months by this harsh treatment. They were women who, for whatever reason, did not detect cancer in its early stages, and their conditions were terminal. That is why Planned Parenthood's activism in the area of mammograms saves lives.

However, there are people with heartfelt views who differ. Thier right to hold and express those views should be respected.

Anne Michael




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