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PETA response to deer hunting

November 30, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

To the editor:

A recent report claims that deer-car collisions have declined in Iowa thanks to hunters "thinning the herd." The herd is not only thinned, but also purposely replenished each year-because the agencies that cater to hunters by treating wildlife as living targets "manage" wild populations so that there will always be enough animals to shoot, season after season.

Hunters, who always boast that they buy "wildlife" licenses-which serve only to finance their continuing blood lust-disturb the peace and scare and stress all forms of life who live in the woods, while wounding deer or blasting them to death. Wildlife leaves the woods unspoiled; hunters leave behind beer bottles, bullet casings, and body parts.

Since simply leaving deer to live in peace and balance their own numbers-as nature has well equipped them to do unless we keep encroaching on their land and food sources-seems to be an unfathomable idea, let's fast-forward and be done with it. Why not issue all the hunting licenses needed to eliminate the entire deer population instead of making sure that pregnant does are deliberately kept alive to create next year's targets and perpetuating the agony?

If you don't like the idea, it might just be time to get on one of those closed "game management" agencies and start challenging the status quo.

Jennifer O'Connor

PETA Foundation

Norfolk, VA



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