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Questions Letter to the Editor About Planned Parenthood

November 19, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Dear Editor,

I read with great interest Anne Michael's letter to the editor accusing Jane Jech and her ads of making "untruthful statements". I read with even greater interest the last paragraph of her letter addressing what she said was the "most disconcerting claim of all", which was about cancer screenings and I offer a short uninterrupted quote(underlining added) from Ms. Michael's letter :"I simply forgot to do my mammogram. However, the cancer was still just a stage 2 which offered me a lot of hope.

That is why 1 would encourage Mrs. Jech to rethink her position on Planned Parenthood, If my diagnosis was sooner, I would not have had to experience chemo and radiation. That is why Planned Parenthood is so vital to so many women. Planned Parenthood's services of screening for breast cancer and cervical cancer saves women's lives. Senator Sodders supports Planned Parenthood, and I truly wish Mrs. Jech could see the benefit of early diagnosis for women who have no other recourse for cancer testing."Now I understand that my letter will not be printed until after the election, but there are flat out "untruthful statements", that need to be addressed here, this isn't about campaigning. First and foremost is to address whether or not Planned Parenthood provides mammograms. The answer? THEY DO NOT!!!! If you don't believe me call them and ask to set one up. They have centers in Cedar Falls, Newton, and Ames. Their number is (877) 811-7526. Now to be fair Ms. Michael did not say directly that her mammogram came from Planned Parenthood, she only eluded to it. I would really be interested in knowing if Planned Parenthood provided her with a mammogram because according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, no Planned Parenthood clinic in the country is authorized to perform mammograms under the federal Mammogram Quality Standards Act. If she got a mammogram from Planned Parenthood, that alone would be basis for closing their clinics down.

The facts of Planned Parenthood are:

-abortion is 125 to 165 times more profitable than mammography.

-During fiscal year 2009-2010, Planned Parenthood reported more than one billion dollars in net assets.

-Planned Parenthood killed 392 babies for every 1 that it referred to adoption.

-75 percent of the babies killed are in the wombs of women in their teens and twenties.

-less than one percent of abortions are from rape or incest

Now if mammograms are for women 50 years and older, but most of the women that darken the door of Planned Parenthoods are under thirty, do you honestly think it is feasible for Planned Parenthood to just throw in mammograms. No, not only because they are not legally qualified, not only because they won't make money doing it, but also because it just plain doesn't make sense logistically to cater to an entirely different demographic than what they are making millions of dollars off of, why don't they just start offering prostate screenings too? I think a prostate exam is as applicable to a teenage girl as is a mammogram, but the fact remains. Planned Parenthood offers as many prostate exams as they do mammograms.

Most Americans aren't stupid, we know what Planned Parenthood is and does, frankly I am insulted that some people think we are stupid enough to believe that they are a cancer screening center. Truth is, Planned Parenthood did over 300,000 abortions last year and 0,( that's right, none, zilch, zippo, nada,) they did 0 mammograms.

I will quote Ms. Michael again(with emphasis added), "Senator Sodders supports Planned Parenthood, and I truly wish Mrs. Jech could see the benefit of early diagnosis for women". You can see from the facts what Ms. Michael and Mr Sodders truly supports, and it is clearly a purposefully misleading statement to say that Mrs. Jech doesn't support cancer screening or "early diagnosis for women" just because she doesn't support abortion clinics.

Again, Planned Parenthood did not save anybody's life as Ms. Michael espouses it only took lives, hundreds of thousands of them. Also, Ms. Michael confidently predicts what would have been, by saying she wouldn't have had to have chemo and radiation(how can anyone know that for sure) if she would have went to Planned Parenthood sooner, but I will make my own little prophecy, and say that if she only went to Planned Parenthood and not to a legitimate healthcare facility she would have never known she had breast cancer, and that in fact, it was not Planned Parenthood at all that discovered any cancer and if it were solely up to Planned Parenthood it would have been far beyond stage 2 and quite frankly we might not be having this discourse on "untruthful statements" at all today.

Adam Todd

rural Tama



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