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God is Good

The Way I See It

November 18, 2012
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Today's column falls under the "God is Good" section of life. Sometimes of course, life throws you lemons and you are required to make the lemonade yourself, but every now and then, the lemons are already squeezed and the delicious drink is already prepared for you. This past week has been that for me. And NO, I'm not talking about the Presidential election. For the record, I am just about "political-ed" out, aren't you?

Nope, no political crying, whining, dancing, singing or whatever from me. We The People have spoken. After $2 billion spent on campaigning, (mostly negative), you and I did what we were asked to, didn't we? We were challenged to VOTE and we did. Now, it's up to them to do their part, right? Work FOR US! Find common ground and LEAD!

So, getting back to the "God Is Good" section, Deb and I took a couple days off last week (celebrating early our 38th Wedding Anniversary), spent a nice evening in Iowa City, checking out the old trailer court we lived in for about three years of our life and other highlights of our time there. That evening we spent about two hours with Denzel Washington, in his new movie, "Flight." Tremendous movie by the way and really shows a different side of Denzel than I'm used to. It also chronicles the way an alcoholic can totally self destruct. And self destruct he did. Powerful movie but it does have an R rating, so beware!!

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The next day, Friday, we drove over to the Amanas to spend the day. It was a beautiful day and we just meandered from shop to shop. Oh, and usually spending money at each shop. I had no idea there were that many chocolate shops and varieties of chocolate. There is also ice cream shops and a pop-corn shop with over a hundred different flavors of popcorn. The popcorn lady said caramel corn and baked potato with all the toppings popcorn were her biggest sellers. They even had sea-salt and vinegar popcorn. But, sad to say, I had just eaten a ton of chocolate bars and absolutely couldn't eat the popcorn. Another time for sure!!

We later ate at one of the restaurants and climaxed our evening by going to the Old Creamery Theater for their production of "The 39 Steps," a murder mystery originally written by Alfred Hitchcock. They added a strong comedic touch to the story. We actually sat in the second row and Deb was wondering if the old "Sheda-Flamboyancy" was gonna jump out with me helping them out on stage. After all, there was only four characters in the play but these four played about twenty different parts. It was wild and zany and a great way to spend time with the one you love. At least that's what Deb told me!! And I stayed in my seat!!

But then came Saturday! What a beautiful day Saturday was. I called a good friend of mine, (because I had been promising Deb for several weeks that I would get our leaves raked, taken away and get all the sticks picked up also), and this good friend, (who happens to be in the business of this sort of thing), if he could help me out. He agreed whole heartedly.

So he came over with his leaf picking up machine, his vacuum hoses and a couple of energetic young guys and began chasing down every single leaf. I had absolutely no idea how I could possibly help him out, so.......................................I headed out to the golf course and with three good friends, played 18 holes of golf. And actually played fairly well. But that didn't really matter 'cuz anytime a guy can golf in 70 degree weather on November 10, that's a good day.

So you see, under the "God is Good" section of life, Deb was happy, they yard is clean and I golfed too! Ah, the freshly squeezed lemonade tastes great. Hope your week went as well.

Let me know at or call me at 319-334-4117. Love to hear from you.



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