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Shut up!

November 14, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

A clear mandate was delivered by the electorate. Now it's time to lick those wounds and get back to the business of growing this country. The partisan bickering and bullheadedness needs to stop, Congress needs to do the job we send them to Washington to accomplish, and we need to set this country on a course to recapture that greatness which made it what it is.

I am so sick and tired of the whiners. I grew so weary of the political ads, the ranting, and the doomsayers. The election is over, the results were decided before I even went to bed election night, and if you're still whining and carrying on, you need to shut up.

I make it a point to not write about my political views in this spot. Today will be the exception, and not the rule.

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I watched, I listened, and I read. I made the best decision I could, based on what I felt was best for me, my family, and my country. Am I going to tell for whom I voted? No. It doesn't matter, because America has spoken, we have a second term president, and once again, you whiners have to stop.

I even watched a somewhat long video which arrived in the mail to many households in America. Not ours mind you, but one was handed to me and it was strongly suggested I watch and see what a great deception was being foisted on the American public. The video was pure propaganda. It tried to alarm me that a man, who has served his country as Commander-in-Chief, was a left leaning Marxist of the most vial sort.

Carol, one of my high school teachers, and a friend, would be proud of me as I worked through the logic of what was happening in that video. She was the one who had me read Vance Packard's, Hidden Persuaders, so may years ago. Besides delving into marketing techniques, the book, published in 1957, explores those manipulative tactics for "selling" a candidate, and causes the reader to examine the morality of these tactics. That was my indoctrination to propaganda analysis. My conclusion is this video is propaganda of the most vial sort.

I have a lot of respect for learned people. I respect those who read and study about historical events and perspectives. A well rounded intellectual will be aware of, and have studied much of the classical rhetoric. Just because someone has read the Communist Manifesto, or has read Mao's Little Red Book, doesn't make them a Marxist. Just because someone read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, or Statecraft as Soulcraft by George Will, doesn't make them a conservative either.

I've read all of those, and I'm no Marxist, or stanch conservative. Heck, I've even read Little Women, and Cosmopolitan Magazine, and having done so doesn't make me a woman, or in some way emasculate me.

I remember when Star Wars first hit the theaters. I was really upset with Lucas for having set the stage for violence in space exploration. In my idealist view of things, I envisioned space exploration to be the frontier where mankind was finally shed of its violent tendencies, and traveling around the cosmos would happen without all of the intolerance that perpetuates a seemingly unending series of wars and skirmishes.

Just because someone writes about something, or produces a video or film about something, doesn't make it a self fulfilling prophecy, or even magically make it all true.

The amount of money spent on this presidential campaign is obscene. By the time all of the monies are tallied, it will be by far the biggest expenditure of any presidential race ever. Each camp spent almost a billion dollars, according to several articles in the leading media outlets. Think of how many houses destroyed recently in New Jersey could be rebuilt for two billion dollars. It is staggering. It is madness. It is sickening. It needs to stop.

OK, so here is where I stop the analysis and begin the opinions. There is so much to be done, but I fear partisan politics are going to continue driving a wedge through the heart of this country and no real progress is going to happen until some real reform does.

Besides the "grooming" of a president, and all of those marketing hacks that contribute to the image, our House of Representatives fall prey to the same dynamics. It seems the most important thing is to be reelected. Self serving bureaucrats permeate the halls of Congress.

We need term limits. One six year term for all presidents, senators and congressmen should be adequate. No reelection campaigns that rob Americans of their representation should be allowed. Our politicians, once elected should stick to the singular task of running the government, not running for reelection.

The second restructuring needed is campaign reform. Get the special interest money out of our politics. The solution is simple. Instead of the obscene orgy and grab fest we witnessed during this campaign, a more grassroots sort of campaign system is in order.

Put a limit on how much can be spent on any campaign. Make it a dollar per constituent. If you are running for Senator of the state of Iowa, you may spend three million dollars, because there are three million people in the great state of Iowa. If you are running for president, you may spend three hundred and eleven million dollars, the population of these United States.

Make the maximum contribution allowed to any candidate from any source fifty dollars. If a candidate happens to collect more than allowed, the excess should go into the treasury, to help pay down the national debt.

If you are not directly involved in a campaign, either a political party or the actual campaign machine spending that dollar per constituent, you may not run a political ad. No special interest groups will be allowed to proffer those "hidden persuaders" to the public. Remove the ability of special interests like Restore Our Future, Inc., and Priorities USA Action, which collectively spent more than a hundred and fifty million dollars alone from having a say in our elections.

Let's get busy with the task of economy building, job creation, and fence mending. If you don't agree, and just continue to whine about the outcome, I have two words for you: shut up.

Until next time-

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