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Upah: Is not the greatest human right the "right to life"?

November 5, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

To the Editor:

Lately the political talk is about Social justice and Civil and Human rights issues.

Is not the greatest human right the "right to life"? Without life, no other right is necessary or applies.

At the end of our lives we will have to account for our actions (or lack of action).

It seems to me if we have not defended the unborn by casting our vote for the party which allows less abortion in this country then we have misguided priorities. We must defend life from the womb to the tomb. There is no greater obligation than to defend the helpless unborn child's rights.

This economy is a result of a culture of death that has killed 55 million consumers through abortion since 1973. Can we expect God to favor a country that kills His children in their mother's womb and calls it legal? God's most innocent creation depends on our vote!

And Planned Parenthood?? It should be called Planned no-parenthood. It's the business that does abortions not mammograms!

I have heard Abby Johnson share her story of when she worked for Planned Parenthood and I encourage all to go to her website for more information. Abby Johnson tells the truth about Planned Parenthood:

When I hear comments that it is the "mother's right to choose" the response will and should always be "It is the Babies right to choose".

The other comment I hear often is "What about rape and incest cases?" Answer: Less than 2% say they became pregnant as a result of rape or incest. Source: The Alan Guttmacher Institute, Perspective on Sexual & Reproductive Health, Sept. 2005

Testimonies from some individuals report that when they aborted their child it doubled the anxiety of the rape/incest and they felt even more violated because of the abortion. Others reported that by having the child they found forgiveness and healing from the assault.

In closing this letter I believe that as an independent business owner I should have the right to decide what kind of benefits I provide my employee's and for a President to dictate to me that I will provide a service which is intrinsically evil denies the personal religious freedoms on which this country was founded.

Be it Republican or Democrat no person on this earth has the right to make legal the killing of a baby or forcing another human to pay and provide the service (Obamacare) to kill an innocent child. Or to provide birth control (which has abortifacients in it.) The Obama administration has rescinded the Mexico City Act, partial birth ban, late term abortion bans etc in order to honor previous campaign pro-choice promises. It is time to stop forcing taxpayers to provide funding for abortions to Planned Parenthood and Obamacare policies.

Religious freedoms are under attack by the Obama administration that violates the most basic human right. 'the right to be born"!

If you have not yet voted, or are uncertain as to which party to vote for in this election because you don't like either candidate, I encourage you to vote for the ticket that supports "less evil." In this election that would be the Romney/Ryan vote.

We will be held accountable for our actions (or lack of action)!

Plase God, bless America.

Stan Upah




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