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Michael questions Jech ads

November 3, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

To the Editor:

Jane Jech is a strong Christian and two of her supporters - Mr. Santorum and Mr. Vander Platts are also strong Christians. Therefore, I must believe that some outside influence is guiding her in the content of her ads and causing her to make untruthful statements.

One ad claims that Senator Sodders is a reckless spender; however, Senator Sodders and other legislators should be congratulated on building a rainy day fund of close to a billion dollars.

Another ad claims that IJOBS was wasteful spending of tax money. In this case, it is possible that Mrs. Jech did not know that the IJOB program was funded by gambling money and that it provided jobs ieading to improvements in our state's infrastructure. There is even the possibility that IJOBS helped Iowa avoid the high unemployment felt in so many other states.

Finally, the most disconcerting claim of all is that Senator Sodders is in any way against diagnosing and treating cancer. I am truly sorry for Mrs. Jech's pain in having a loved one suffering cancer. I am a breast cancer survivor, and I know the struggle was not just mine. - my family and friends struggled with me. In my case, I did have to have chemotherapy and radiation, but I was still extremely fortunate. I had missed my annual mammogram and did not realize it. At the time, my mother's health was a constant concern. She was moving in and out of nursing homes, and I simply forgot to do my mammogram. However, the cancer was still just a stage 2 which offered me a lot of hope.

That is why 1 would encourage Mrs. Jech to rethink her position on Planned Parenthood, If my diagnosis was sooner, I would not have had to experience chemo and radiation. That is why Planned Parenthood is so vital to so many women. Planned Parenthood's services of screening for breast cancer and cervical cancer saves women's lives. Senator Sodders supports Planned Parenthood, and I truly wish Mrs. Jech could see the benefit of early diagnosis for women who have no other recourse for cancer testing.

I find it hard to believe that Mrs. Jech is in control of these ads. Her strong Christian beliefs would not allow her to make these claims.

Anne Michael




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