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Shop Locally

November 4, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to the South Tama Trojan football team for their big win last Monday evening. And tonight, (Friday), they battle Grinnell once again, but this time we are believing in a big victory. I am from the former glory days of Mark Fetter, and Jon Lazar, (Ok, I'm even older than this), My days go back to the late Terry Prusha, Tracy Brady, David Feisel, Rich Rund, Frank Gruthrie, etc. Notice my name is not mentioned. Anyway, Kudos to the Trojans this year.

This past week has been an interesting one for me. First, I broke a tooth and had to go to the "dddddentist," of which is my only phobia, as a result of a bad experience as a kid. But tooth, oops, truth be known, most of us are afraid of dentists. But we shouldn't be. My dentist and his assistant took great care of me. They know that even though I am a "manly-man" (har, har), my fear is real. Every couple of minutes I was asked how it was going and reassured that they had plenty of Novocain. They did a great job. Thanks so much

The next interesting thing that happened this past week was chaperoning at a "tween" (is that what it's called?), Halloween dance & party. How I get roped into these things is beyond me but just imagine about 60 kids ranging in age from ten to thirteen or so, loud, weird music, and costumes of all kinds. However, the costume rage this year seems to be the Walking Dead!! Yikes!! If you wanted to converse, (hah), you had to basically press your ear right next to the other person's mouth and then ask that person to repeat themselves several times. I had one announce the winners of prizes. That's all! And for several brief five minutes of time, I had the absolute attention of 60 kids and all were gathered in my personal space. Every single one of them! Gotta admit though, it was fun. Ah, I even danced a little bit...very little! Kids looked at me funny!

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Finally the third interesting event this past week in my life was buying a new car. Ok, new to me! I like the idea of looking at cars but only from the newspaper ads. I find the car I like and then imagine the negotiating process...with me of course, getting the car for exactly what was my rock-bottom price. Ah, the joys of imagination, right?

But finally Deb and I ventured forth to the parking lots and actual, real conversations began with actual, real people and yes, sales-people! Gulp! They are professionals and we are rank amateurs. We have no chance!

But like the dentist and even chaperoning the party, the process wasn't so bad. It was a good experience. And the negotiating began!

Finally we got down to a hundred bucks difference. A hundredbucks! That's all. And then "boom", it happened. I was hit with this bombshell......"John, with all the money you make as that famous columnist for The Tama News, just come up a hundred and let's get the deal done." So I countered back, "Look, mister, I am a poor retired State worker, a Pastor of a small church and YOU own all of this, why don't YOU come down the hundred bucks." Then I told him that if he did, I would write a great article about him, his family, his business and anything else he wanted me to write. (After all, he thinks I am this famous columnist, right?)

Well, it didn't work! He laughed and mumbled something about not being able to come down any further and walked away. A hundred bucks difference and it started to look like the Middle East negotiations for peace. Going nowhere.

But then he returned. Yes, returned and I knew I had him. Hah! I winked at Deb, (or was it the other salesman), and here is what I was hit with, "John, here's what I'll do. I will meet you half-way. I will come down fifty bucks if you'll write that article....but, not about me. Rather, share with the readers to SHOP LOCALLY."

Well, that was an easy $50, 'cuz we believe strongly in shopping locally as much as possible. I would of done it for nothin' but don't let him know. So in closing, here is my plea. As the season for gift-giving is coming upon us, please take the time to visit all the local stores for your shopping needs. These people are your neighbors, your friends and the people we all go to asking for various donations for worthy causes. Whether buying a car, eating out, getting presents, needing various services done or whatever--check out your town's local places first.

This is what will get our economy growing. Folks, we need them every bit as much as they need us. Decide right now to stop, shop and buy locally. And tell them I sent you--nah, better not!! It might not work in your favor.

That's The Way I See It.

Let me know how you see things at or call me at 319-334-4117.



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