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Toledo City Council okays police station roof repairs

October 26, 2012
By Jimmy Gillispie - Staff Writer , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Toledo Police Chief Bob Kendall and his staff might have themselves a happy new year, which could be bearing gifts.

In January, the Toledo Police Department might have a new roof on its building and working lights inside the station. After months of discussing the need to repair the building, the Toledo City Council approved those repairs at the Oct. 8 meeting.

The city council first listened to Lonnie Carolan from Pella Roofing give a presentation on the type of roof his company could build for the city. Mayor Dave Svoboda asked Carolan to present at the meeting, but Council members Jeff Filloon and Brian Sokol had already met with a committee and had an agreement on what to do with the roof.

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Filloon and Sokol were asked to form a committee, at the previous meeting, and look at the different options that were presented to them for the roof repairs. Then they were asked to come back with a recommendation and they had that ready last week.

"I think we've put this off long enough," Council member Travis Mullen said after hearing Carolan's presentation. "I'd like to hear your recommendation."

Sokol told the council that the recommendation is to go with a sloped, steel roof proposed by Modern Builders out of Waverly. The cost of the project would be $52,510 and the roof would have a 20-year warranty.

"We are kind of battling winter coming," Filloon said. "If it's something you guys don't like, we can go back and get some more details."

The city council unanimously approved the project 4-0, as Elmer "Skip" Wilson wasn't at the meeting. According to Sokol, the project should be started in November and could be completed by January.

Sokol and Filloon had also worked out the financial part of the project. The first $10,000 would be paid of this year's budget, as the city had more than budgeted for capital improvements to the police station. The remaining $42,510 would be borrowed from the city's sewer fund and paid back over three years with an interest rate of 0.85 percent. Payments of slightly more than $14,412 would be paid annually out of the city's general fund.

"The financing option would be to borrow that from our sewer enterprise fund at a three-year term," Sokol said. "You can choose your interest rate - anything but zero percent basically. That comes to an annual payment of approximately $14,412. That does not include an Alliant Energy rebate, which should be considered, as well."

Svoboda expressed concern that taking the money out of the sewer fund might drain it and could cause a problem if a major problem arises in the future.

"It wouldn't be draining the sewer fund," Sokol said. "Our thought is, we have to borrow the money regardless, so we either borrow it from ourselves or from the bank. We can choose our interest rate, so we might as well pay ourself interest. If we have a major sewer line break, that's going to be a problem anytime. I don't think the $42,000 is going to make a difference.

"Unfortunately, we should have budgeted three years ago for this and there'd be no question," he said. "But that's not the case."

Filloon and Sokol also had a recommendation for lighting in the police station. They recommended going from the current 24 bulbs to 16 bulbs. The cost of the bulbs and ballasts would be $30 for the set of a bulb and ballast, bringing the total cost to approximately $480, which reduces the cost by about $240.

"I think we can knock it down to 16 and have very adequate lighting," Filloon said. "There is a row above their desks that we'd want to keep and a row behind that. Then maybe do every other in the lobby area and keep Bob's office lit. In the lobby, there are none now, so every other would be very adequate.

"I think our city guys could handle it," he said. "I looked up there and there's just two wire nuts. They're not hard to get out. I got one out pretty quickly."



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