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Says Democrats have accomplished a lot

October 26, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

What Have We Accomplished In The Past 4 Years? A LOT.

To those of you that want to know what the Democrats have achieved over the past four years ... the following information provided contains the answers.

Democrats Are ... Putting Americans Back to Work & Rebuilding a Fair Economy for the Middle Class. Our nation has been led out of the worst economic crisis in recent history. We have sought to move America forward to an economy built to last with a strong middle class at its core.

JOB CREATION: An economy program supported as many as 3.6 million jobs by cutting taxes, investing in clean energy, roads & unemployment benefits. Rescued the auto industry, preventing the loss of more than 1.4 million jobs. The private sector has created nearly 4.6 million jobs during 30 straight months of private-sector growth--but our work is not done. Democrats are fighting for The American Jobs Act, which would put even more people back to work now & put more money in people's pockets.

Democrats Are--MAKING HEALTH CARE Accessible & Affordable: On March 23, 2010, The Democratic Party achieved a decades-long goal by passing the landmark Affordable Care Act to restore health care as a basic cornerstone of middle class security in America. This resulted in ending Insurance Company Abuses; Prohibiting Insurers from denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions & canceling coverage when someone gets sick. Keeping Premiums Low: Insurance companies must justify rate hikes; provide rebates if they don't spend at least 80% of consumers' premiums on care instead of overhead, marketing & profits. Expanding Access to Care; 32 million Americans are able to afford insurance for the first time & nearly all Americans--95% of those under the age of 65--will have insurance. Closing the Medicare Prescription Drug "Donut Hole": Over 2.6 million seniors have saved on average of over $550 each on their prescription drugs &, by 2020, the Medicare "donut hole" will be completely closed.

Democrats Are --- CREATING AN ECONOMY BUILT TO LAST. Democrats believe Americans should be able to earn enough to raise a family, send their kids to school, own a home & put enough away to retire. To ensure long-term economic improvements for ALL Americans, the Democratic Party has sought to Out-Educate the World. Keep the Teachers & support their rights for safe schools, new books and equal education for all children. Hire more science & math teachers. They made college education accessible to hundreds of thousands more students by ending billions of dollars in subsidies to banks & are using savings to double fund for Pell grants. Out-Innovate the World: Made substantial investments in clean energy manufacturing to create the job of the future here in America & reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Implement reforms to protect American families from unfair lending practices while making sure that Wall Street plays by the same rules as Main Street.

Democrats are ... ENDING the War in Iraq, TARGETING the perpetrators of 9/11, & HONORING Our Veterans. The promise was kept: the war in Iraq has been brought to a responsible end & our combat troops have been brought home. Committed to Iraq's Security: the U.S. transitioned full security responsibility to the Iraqi people; remains committed to Iraq's long-term security; will continue to develop a strong & enduring partnership. Refocusing on Al-Qaeda: Refocused our security priorities toward dismantling & defeating Al-Qaeda & its affiliates & bringing Osama bin Laden to justice. Honoring the Service of Veterans & Their Families: Our troops & their families get the help they earned & good health care for as long as they need it. And enacting new tax credits to encourage businesses to hire unemployed & disabled veterans.

As you review these Election Talking Points, look to see what is in them that will be helping you, your family, your community & our nation.

If you have not registered to vote, do so NOW. If you did not register before October 22, you will not be on the list of pre registered voters, so bring your ID when you vote at the Court House or the polls.

Each and every one of us has a say in this Election. Will we go forward & build on these accomplishments or will we go back? The answer is now in your hands.

Until after the Election.

Jeannie Sieck




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