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“Christian Values” is a buzz phrase in election

October 11, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

A politician with "Christian Values", now there's an oxymoron. Most politicians barely have morals let alone "Christian Values".

"Christian Values" is a buzz phrase from the last election campaign that people got sick of hearing, but I guess if you feel it worked last time, by all means recycle the phrase. We can figure out who is pulling your strings, Pat.

With my Methodist upbringing, I am certainly opposed to abortion and same-sex marriages. However I don't think I am qualified to tell others how to feel or how to live their lives. Mitt Romney's stand on these issues is probably much the same as Obama's. Who does that leave to vote for, Pat?

Mitt should take all his money and buy some small country, somewhere. He could declare himself king and boss the country to his heart's content. However, he would not be available to give tax breaks to his cronies so that probably will never happen.

The democratic slate of candidates is all well-known to me. One of them, Dan Anderson, has been my neighbor all his life. They are all people that I understand. I have confidence in every one of them. I'm sure that they can handle our county, state and national government.

Elaine Ferneau




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