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Supports Anderson for supervisor

October 7, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

To: Editor of the

Tama News Herald:

Re- Response to Letter to the Editor from Adam Todd

In reference to Adam Todd's letter to the editor, either he was not at the candidate's forum and based his response on inaccurate hearsay, or he wasn't listening real well. Supervisor candidate Dan Anderson did not say county supervisors alone should make the decision to approve or deny a hog cafo. He simply believes as I do that no one understands their respective counties better than local people. County supervisors are government at the lowest level and their thoughts and concerns should be included along with the DNR and the state matrix to make decisions that can and will affect the people who elected them.

Dan Anderson is not against cafo's as long as a producer doesn't attempt to build one in close proximity to a stream or moving water source that will and has been polluted by an accident or major manure spill numerous times. I would also hope a producer that wants to build a hog cafo would be courteous enough to visit with neighbors in close proximity to a planned cafo to clearly explain their short and long term goals, rather than adopt an attitude that "it's my land and I'll do as I please."

There are many very powerful forces outside of production agriculture that continue to attack the industry and the people who do their very best to provide the safest, widest variety of food at the lowest percent of disposable income of any nation in the world. The very last thing we need is someone on the inside using his own very narrow needs and concerns attacking other segments of producers.

The culture in the word of agriculture is the extremely delicate relationship between the land and the people who live on it and provide the Amercan people and a big part of the world with something so basic and fundamental it may at times be taken for granted - food.

Within that understanding is the need to apply reasonable rules and regulations that protect our state and nation's greatest asset, greatest strength and greatest source of wealth, our land, our water, and the people dedicated to the profession of feeding people. That understanding is done in a manner that protects resources for future generations both urban and rural, along with the structure of our small rural communities.

No one understands that better than Dan Anderson/who chaired and served on the county FSA committee, the conservation compliance regulations that attempts to look long term and address needs and concerns of both producers and consumers.

As for Todd's concern about Anderson's cattle drinking out of the creek, that's a red herring. There have been no reports of fish kills from cattle drinking in moving water, but there have been thousands of fish kills from cafo spills. Cattlemen who have pasture near moving streams have used that water for their cattle since the beginning of time. Many have built rock approaches to the water to prevent bank erosion.

I understand Todd does not water his hogs from streams and creeks, but he should think seriously about the needs of other segments of the agricultural sector instead of attacking and pitting one segment against another. That accomplishes nothing. We are all in this thing together.

Gary Lamb




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