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Tama Police Blotter

October 1, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Monday, Sept. 17

Business checks

Call of reckless driver, unable to locate

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Business checks downtown on foot

County call 1900 block 340th St. for truck in ditch

Jury trial

STC Elementary for public assistance

1000 block State St. for assistance

Served civil paper 400 block E 6th

Traffic stop Park/10th streets suspicious vehicle


Business checks

Tuesday, Sept. 18

Jail interview



Took report of reckless driver northbound from mile marker 114 Hwy 63, stopped 13th/ Siegel streets will issue cite for unsafe passing

Call ref Domestic Situation, Arrested male

Call for Juvenile that left school and left home

Dog call on State St.

Call ref a Juvenile situation

Vehicle blocking 5th & 63

Had abandoned vehicle towed from local business, per owners request

Marshalltown for follow up

Handle call ref an ATV issue

Take three criminal mischief reports

High School ref Homecoming activities and above three incidents

Attempt arrest warrant

Home visit with DHS

Handle dog call

Serve nuisance notice

Vehicle inspection

Pound duties

Car unlock, 100 block East 4th

Assist parent with questions at police department reference child


Traffic stop 11th/State St.

Picked up debris from homecoming kids 1700 block McClellan St.

Picked up debris from homecoming kids 800 block of Park

Business checks

Wednesday, Sept. 19


Kicked people out of the park

Take report of stolen wallet

Handle several calls ref unwanted activities to yards

Take report of stolen yard decorations

Take report of patio being spray painted

High School reference some of the activities listed above

Took report of a motor vehicle accident

Juvenile Court for Hearing

Work case with DHS

Took report of criminal mischief

Pound duties

Cruise meeting

Civil standby advised her to contact her attorney

Parents reporting that child wouldn't listen. Parents handled

Report of dog at large 1400 block State St., owner cited for vicious dog

Owner also notified dog must be out of city limits by Friday

Assist public with coon in a tree 400 block of Park

Assist Clinton Police Department in locating missing adult female

Report of people at school in dark clothing, kids

Business checks


Thursday, Sept. 20

Checked multiple locations in tama for missing female, unable to locate

Checked super 8 with Toledo Police located missing female, live & well advised Clinton Police

Assisted subject at police department


Paper work

School patrol

Handle dog complaint 1400 Blk of State

Serve civil papers

Pound duties

Call ref possible Burglary in progress

Released towed vehicle reference Clinton case

Animal complaint issued out live trap

Homecoming Parade

Assisted with traffic stop cited driver with careless driving 200 block W13th

Arrested male subject on outstanding warrant from Dallas County 600 block Harding St.

Dispatched to 1000 block Park St. for suspicious males walking

Dispatched for a female freaking out 3rd and Hall St.

Arrested male half at Town pump for public intoxication

Arrested female half 100 block W 3rd St. for public intoxication

Dispatched to Legion for verbal altercation, shut bar down due to over serving issues

Dispatched to school for kids criminal mischief

Dispatched to overpasses on highway 30 for items hanging from overpass

Traffic stop Hwy 63/Business 30 warned driving left of center

Picked up paperwork from Jail

Business checks

Friday, Sept. 21


Towed vehicle from town pump

Business checks

Take complaint reference water balloons hitting members of parade

Call reference parked vehicle, had vehicle moved

Finish bad check case

Serve civil paper for Marshalltown police department

Dog pound duties

Handle scam call, Grandson needing money for bond

Firearms Qualification

Take report of Harassment, Was in Toledo

Arrest Juvenile, Criminal Mischief 2nd, to Central Iowa Detention

Call reference drunk driver, located and driver was OK

Attempt arrest warrant

Call to civil domestic disturbance involving Juvenile, called their case worker

Arrested male on warrant, failure to appear

Homecoming game


Report of gun fire west of town, unable to locate

Business checks

Bar check

Saturday, September 22

Downtown on foot


Put up barricades for cruise

Morning patrol

Call reference child exchange issues, had them contact their attorney

Cruise activities

Assist other agency ref attempt to locate, left message with family member

Call reference burning garbage

Open brush gate

3- Vehicle inspections

Dog Pound duties

Cruise activities

Vehicle inspection

Perform welfare check

Attempt to locate gas drive off

Direct traffic for cruise

Vehicle inspection

High school dance

Respond to legion for assault, happened at VFW, Suspect gone

Noise complaint sesame Dr. Lantern Park apts

Assist Toledo with subject that ran on a call

Sunday, September 23

Bar checks


Noise complaint cite issued Sesame Dr.

Fuel vehicles and put away


Medical assist at 100 block W 3rd St.

Dispatched to Casey's for assistance

Dog Pound duties


Walk through at Crown Point, Green View Terrace and Lantern Park Apts

Transport one

Noise complaint, kids sitting in car with stereo cranked

Noise complaint 1300 block Sesame Dr.

Reports of explosion in town, unable to locate


Bar check

Downtown on foot

Monday, September 24


Business checks

Morning patrol

STC High School for assistance

Medical assist at 1000 block State St.

Mansfield Dr & 325th Street for vehicle in ditch



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