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John Anderson- write-in candidate for 3rd District Tama Co. Supervisor

September 18, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Tama County Supervisor has to make hard decisions sometimes.

As a supervisor, write me in and I'll make them! by John Anderson

As you may know by now I am running for Tama County Supervisor. This is my last letter before the election and I would like to show my possible constituents I am not afraid of making tough decisions. Recently there much ado about the fact the Tribal Police gave a ticket to a person speeding past their settlement. Do they have the right to do this or is it a power grab?

Lets go back two years. Two years ago there was a case where one of the supervisors was suppose to show up in court to contest the fact that when the Tribe buys land in Tama County, that land is no longer part of the county hence no more revenue from that source. That does seem unfair. But to make matters worse, the Tama County Supervisor in question, didn't even show up for the court case that was scheduled challenging the tax exempt status. He said,"What does it matter the County was going to lose anyway, that's why I didn't show up". At that point I yelled at the newspaper. It is not his purview to make this decision. It is the courts. Is this a enumerate power of the legislature to make this decision of Tribal Lands. Under the Commerce Clause, the legislature does have power over tribal lands. But it is not one of the 18 enumerate powers set aside for it in the Constitution. They got around this by saying congress rules over interstate commerce, including tribal land, through the Commerce Clause. The Supreme Court under Roosevelt was so intimidated, they let them get away with this expansion of powers. But should the Commerce Clause be a blank check for the legislature do what they want. With the tribal casino money given to the legislature this become more problematic.

By the supervisor not even showing up for court, it does not even get the inferior courts not to mention the Supreme Court a chance to decide if the legislature has this broad interpretation, supposedly give to them under the commerce clause. Now it is exacerbated by tribal police giving tickets outside tribal lands. This is unnecessary roiling of controversy and could be partially averted if the supervisor at least shows up to court.

Rest assured if I am wrote up for Supervisor of Tama County I'll show up for court, even with bells on!

John Anderson




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