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Disappointed in News-Herald coverage

September 7, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

I was a little disappointed in the Aug.24 Tama News Herald. The top story headline was about someone being charged with speeding on the Meskwaki area roads. Big Deal!!I do not see where that is of front page interest. People break the laws all the time.They should be on the back pages,they need no extra attention for what they did.Why give any one of them the added attention?

I would rather have seen a full story on the front page about the "safe home coming for the USA Marine Corporal who was returning from a dangerous tour in Afghanistan". There on the front page was only a picture. NO HEADING just a small reading of who was in the photo and more on a following page. It was a very nice story, should have been all on one page if not on the front at least on the 2nd whole page.

Don't get me wrong, I do my best to support all military persons. Those who put thier lives on hold to help support our safety and safety of others should get front page statis. Especially when they come home. Crime should always take a back seat.

In general though our local newspaper does a very good job. I would rather see a social page like in the past years of who went where & etc. The world as a whole publishes too much negative actions(because there seems to be more). I realize we can't all be good all the time. This is just my oppinion that I just wanted to share. Thank you for your time.

Patty Henle




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