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John’s pet peeves

September 9, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

It's that time of the year annual list of Pet Peeves. Heck, even the wording kinda upsets me a little bit. "Pet Peeve." Now are these two words thrown together a paradox, a conundrum or perhaps a misnomer? I have not idea but just for starters, my very first pet peeve is the words, "Pet Peeves." But can't think of anything better so it will suffice. The correct definition of a pet peeve is those little things in life that just get under your skin. In other words, those things about life that irritate you. Hmmm, with those definitions, I just might be Deb's #1 pet peeve!! Egad!

With that scholastic introduction, here are my pet peeves and they're not in any particular order. Just listing them as they pop into my mind.

However, my #1 pet peeve continues to be those people, especially men, who feel it necessary to don a pair of white socks with their sandals. Worse yet, if the socks are any color other than white. Guys, it just isn't cool. And I was cool when cool wasn't cool; it was groovy or neat-o or something like that.

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My #2 pet peeve are those people who talk constantly on their cell phones while golfing. I understand if you're a doctor on call but when I hear something like, "Ok, dear, yes dear, a dozen eggs? Yes, I'll get them dear." And two holes later the phone rings again, then again. You get the message.

Speaking of cell phones. Don't you hate it when you're talking to someone "in person" and they are sorta listening but also texting someone else? Ya, I've done it too and I'm not proud of myself!!

Rising quickly to the top are the NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN COMMERCIALS from both political parties. It's a dirty shame that we as Americans fall for them because studies show that they work. Shame on them for making them and shame on us for being swayed them. Tell us who you are and what you are gonna do to make things better.

This next one is Deb's Pet Peeve: Someone, anyone who drinks directly out of the orange juice or milk jug right from the 'fridge. Ah, wonder who she's talking about?

What about people who don't feel it necessary to send a nice "thank-you" card when one probably should.

Does anyone like those goofy little party sequins strewn all over tables at various parties? They are impossible to clean up and they stick to your hands, arms and anything else that touches them.

Why do wives think it is impossible to watch 2, 3 or even 4 TV shows at one time? We can do it and so can you if you give it a chance!

Speaking of TV, we men love our remotes. Fifty years ago, men had their pipes, today our pipe is the remote. It's much safer. We love changing channels. We don't much care what's on so much as we want to always know what "else" is on.

And staying with TV, who thinks up those stupid, stupid commercials. Come on, Aflac & State Farm, you can do better. However, I do like Flo.

Another pet peeve is children who are misbehaving and their parents seemingly oblivious to it. "Ah, excuse me, your kid is stuffing his little brother down the toilet bowl..."

Just a couple more, (I could go forever)....I don't like places that have only hot air hand dryers and no paper towel dispensers.

I am beginning to loathe ALL telemarketers and those inane opinion surveys I get all the time.

Not real excited about stores with prices like 99 cents or 5.98. Give us the dollar amount. We can handle it.

And finally......I HATE THE "F" WORD FROM PEOPLE. Come on, do you hafta say it? Not too excited about "freakin" either but it is better....I guess.

Well, there's a list, albeit, a partial list of my pet peeves. Do you have any different ones? Let me know at or call me at 319-334-4117. And don't tell me that this column is your #1 pet peeve, 'cuz I know deep down, way deep down, ya love it!!! Have a great week.



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